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YouTube Affiliate Marketing: Helpful Guide for Beginners

Learning how to make money on YouTube with affiliate marketing can be considered a smart move for anyone who wants ways to make money online.

According to Invideo stats, YouTube has 2 billion global users. Every day, they collectively view 1 billion hours of YouTube videos.

Essentially, there are a lot of prospective customers out there. Therefore, this platform definitely has an affiliate marketing program.

So can you really make money on YouTube affiliate marketing? Well, let’s find out.

How Does YouTube Affiliate marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing on YouTube involves making videos posted on the site while including links and other information that directs viewers to the advertised products.

You are paid a commission when people who watch your YouTube videos click your link and make a purchase from a third-party website linked to your channel.

Affiliate marketers have the opportunity to make a substantial amount of money if they devote their time and effort to producing YouTube content that people want to watch.

There is no need for an affiliate to make or stock products, ship them, or keep them in stock. Plus, the start-up barrier is modest compared to the real company you’re advertising.

What Kind of Videos Can You Make for YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

To earn money from your videos, you must first help viewers. It’s all about adding value to your content. To be successful in affiliate marketing, you must go through this lengthy and difficult procedure.

People will not subscribe to your channel or follow your links unless you provide value. Make a name for yourself as a go-to expert on a particular niche

There are no limits to the kind of information that may be included in a piece of content, so long as it offers something of value to the viewer. Take a look at yourself and figure out what your strengths are or what your specializations are.

What are your capabilities? That’s how you choose a focus area for your career. Some of the most lucrative niches are beauty and fashion, online gaming, cooking and food, health and fitness, product reviews, travel, animals and pets, entertainment, and video blogging.

Here are some YouTube affiliate marketing video ideas that you may employ.

How-To Tutorials

The most successful strategy for an affiliate marketer is to provide valuable content with links to the products they show.

Many successful YouTube affiliate marketers have a few in common. You can tell they know what they’re talking about because of the enthusiasm they show when creating content. They’re also entertaining and informative.

Makeup tutorials are among YouTube’s most popular videos. Daisy Marquez has more than 1.4 million subscribers in the crowded beauty product video market. Her video displaying a trendy cosmetics look has over 1.5 million views.

To help viewers learn how to season and repair cast iron cookware, Joshua Weissman provides helpful links to related items and services in his video tutorials.

Best-of Videos

If you don’t have something distinctive to give, make a list of the “best of” anything. In some cases, “Best 5” or “Best 10” lists are available that cover a wide range of topics. For instance, you could do a video on “5 Most Deadly Animals in Europe.” You only need to be a bit creative.


When an affiliate marketer decides to specialize in a single product, they perform extensive research. A wonderful method to stand out from the crowd is to go into the nitty-gritty of a product.

You should be the one to provide feedback after you’ve tried the product and read the documentation. A rookie may overlook little subtleties or technological peculiarities, so show oneself as an expert.

Highlights Or Broadcasts

Assume that you are a well-known YouTuber with a large following. As a result, you’ll get invitations to high-profile events such as conferences throughout the world, fashion displays, product launches, and more.

You’re missing out if you’re not currently using YouTube to share photographs and videos on social media. Subscribers will be excited about the latest trends in your sector if you show them how you were inspired by an event you attended.

Affiliate links may be inserted in the video itself or the video description box. Inserting affiliate links is a delicate balancing act. YouTube wants users to spend as much time as possible watching and participating in its videos. This means presenting as much advertising as possible.

Having affiliate links can make it more difficult to get your videos to the top of YouTube’s search results.

How? A viewer may not finish watching your video if they click on the link in your description. This could hurt your video’s search rankings, so be careful. Having a huge audience and generating as much money as possible is crucial.

It would be great if you developed a balance between videos. Videos that include affiliate links and videos that generate traffic, enhance rankings, engage bigger audiences, and eventually acquire your subscribers’ confidence. If you want to rank well in search engine results, you’ll want videos with affiliate links and videos without.

After the video itself, the video description is the most important part of the page. An effective video description includes information on the video’s content, author, and relevant copyright information. It also aids in search engine optimization and directs viewers to relevant websites. A lot of YouTubers put links to affiliate products in their descriptions.


There’s no need to become intimidated, even though affiliate marketing is a tremendously competitive field. Be reasonable in your expectations, trustworthy, and knowledgeable about the things you promote.

The people who watch your videos will respect you if your tone of voice is relatable and honest. You’ll make money and expand your affiliate marketing business by providing them with useful information and links to well-reviewed products. Customers will return to your site to check what new material you have to offer if you continue to provide high-quality content.

Audiences value authenticity, sincerity, and quality beyond everything else. It is possible to make money as a YouTube Affiliate Marketer if you combine all of the above with a continuous growth plan.