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Wix Vs GoDaddy: Which One Works Better With Your Site?

Internet domain registrars and web hosting companies like GoDaddy and Wix are well-known names. They are publicly traded, earning millions of dollars in profit and spending an equal amount on marketing and advertising. Wix vs GoDaddy debate has been on for a long time and will continue to draw some attention.

Personal consumers, small and medium-sized businesses, and internet retailers are all part of the same target market for these two companies. Using a tool that requires no coding knowledge, you can quickly, easily, and affordably create a website for your business. In addition, both provide complete assistance for free.

Wix and GoDaddy, on the other hand, seem to be spending a lot of time and money on their website-building tools.

Website builder GoDaddy announced a new, more feature-rich version of their website builder in 2019, called GoDaddy Websites + Marketing. 

On the other hand,  Wix continues to grow into new product areas like Wix Ascend, Editor X, Dine by Wix, and the like.

There are so many similarities between them that it might be difficult to discern what makes them unique and which one to use for your project.

However, there are certain distinctions between the two web builders that might assist in making the selection.  To see if Wix is the better choice or if GoDaddy is the better choice for your site, we’ll compare the two services side by side.

Wix vs GoDaddy: Know the Difference


Hosting and design services are included in the Wix cloud-based website builder.

Wix makes it possible for customers to design their websites without employing web professionals or learning complex web development techniques on their own.

Wix websites are mobile-friendly and easy to create, update, and administer through the Wix website. When it comes to building a website, Wix provides a solution for everyone:

Users may choose from and alter hundreds of templates using the Wix Editor.

Websites created by Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) are the fastest and simplest method to get a Wix site up and running.

Corvid is Wix’s most advanced website builder, allowing customers to create and design their site from scratch.


GoDaddy was founded in 1997 and has since evolved into a leading provider of website-building tools. They’re the most well-known domain registrar and web host in the world.

Other GoDaddy services include eCommerce,  professional business email, SSL certificates, website builder, etc.

It’s easy to become lost in the sea of options that GoDaddy provides if you’ve never designed or run a website before. Many inexperienced entrepreneurs and amateurs wind up purchasing packages because they believe these features are necessary for running a website.

Should I Buy a Domain From Wix or Godaddy?

Selecting a domain registrar to buy a domain from for your site can be tricky; however, it all depends on what you are looking for. Hence, you might have to do some research, but as you know, doing research can be quite tedious; however, don’t worry, that’s why I’ve done most of the research for you.

Below are comparisons between Wix and GoDaddy to help you better make your choices.

Wix vs GoDaddy: Which is better?

1. Pricing


GoDaddy offers just four options, and the structure is laid out.   They also offer a free plan.

Since domain names cost money (even though they are free for the first year), there will be extra premium plans. GoDaddy’s “Basic” plan is a good option if all you need is a basic website with text and images.

GoDaddy Pricing 

– The range of prices is from $0 (which is the free plan) to $25.

– If you choose the free plan, you won’t be able to utilize your own domain name.

– Offers transparent pricing for four premium plans.

– In the first year, the domain name is provided for free.

– During the first year, you’ll get a free business email account.


Wix’s website builder, on the whole, offers greater customization choices. However, on the free and low-cost plans, you will see advertisements.

The first year includes a free domain; however, email hosting isn’t included.  The only way to get them is to go via them or another third-party vendor.

Finally, the monthly cost will be lower if you sign up for a 12- or 24-month membership. 

Wix’s Pricing

– The price range is $0 (the free plan) to $49.

– The free plan is available to anyone. If you don’t mind ads, you can use them as long as you need to.

– I generally suggest the Combo plan for a simple, ad-free website with a domain name.

– Apps that aren’t absolutely necessary are included in other plans. It’s usually preferable to go through their App Market by hand and select what you want.

– You’ll need their Business Basic plan or above to run an e-commerce site.

– For the first year, a domain name is yours free of charge. After that, it’ll cost you around $15 a year.

2. User Friendliness


There is no better way to get your website up and running than GoDaddy’s ADI setup, which is very user-friendly. On the other hand, its editor isn’t as simple to use as Wix’s. If you purchased a domain from another provider and wish to point the domain name to GoDaddy or any other host, you can also do so.


For novices, Wix’s drag-and-drop editor is very user-friendly. ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is also an option that anybody may use.

3. Marketing

Wix and GoDaddy have a lot to offer when it comes to marketing.

You’ll probably want to get people to visit your website when you’ve finished constructing it. So both Wix and GoDaddy provide you with various marketing resources to make your job easier. 


GoDaddy + Marketing is the name of their product for a reason! Content Creator, Email Marketing, Marketing Planner, and SEO Wizard are all included in the package.

Using their email marketing services is a breeze since they work seamlessly with the website.   You may pick from the current catalog and add products as required.  There’s no need to re-enter all of the data, including images, product texts, pricing, etc.

To link your website to Facebook, they provide a Facebook Sync option. Manually, it can be a lot of work; if you’ve done it before, you know how hard it can be. There are also additional options for Instagram, Twitter, and Yelp integrations.


Wix offers an incredible array of marketing resources as well. Wix Ascend, the business toolset, contains the majority of these features. CRM, live chat, and Wix’s SEO Wizard are just a few of the tools available.

Instagram and Facebook may be linked straight to your website, while Twitter requires a third-party app.

4. E-Commerce

With that in mind, if your primary purpose is to sell products online, specialist solutions like Shopify or WooCommerce are superior.

However, the online shop functions of both GoDaddy and Wix are easily linked with the website builder itself. You can even try it out for free, but you can’t make money from it during the trial period.


– Excellent product import functionality.

– Amazon and Etsy connection abandoned cart recovery and real-time shipping rates are some of the other capabilities that come with GoDaddy Payments and the ability to offer services and appointments.

– Optionally, you may set up a full-fledged online shop or just a basic “Buy” or “Donate” button on your PayPal page.


– You can sell physical and digital things (ebooks, music, etc.)

– Additionally, Wix Payments, real-time shipping, automated taxes, abandoned cart recovery, customer log-ins, and dropshipping applications are among the other capabilities.

– E-commerce plans that cost more don’t have more features. It’s mostly a matter of storage capacity and response time. Better support does not always imply quicker response times.

– You get more functionality for your money with Wix’s e-commerce options, which start at $23/month.

5. Features

GoDaddy’s built-in services are great for smaller websites since they are simple yet effective. Aside from that, it does not have an app store.

GoDaddy Features

There’s no app store with GoDaddy. The popup widget and live chat tool are two examples of pre-installed add-ons.

Additionally, you’ll find extra choices tailored to certain industries.  For instance, Appointments and Services need the BusinessPlus package, which costs $20 per month.


If you’re looking for an all-encompassing app shop, Wix provides everything you could want in one place. Wix contains everything you could want or need to build a website.

Wix’s  Features

– The App Market on Wix is the greatest there is. Premium services, such as taking online payments, may be charged in addition to the free ones.

– Because Wix creates so many third-party applications, they all work together flawlessly.

– Wix offers applications that include: Wix Hotels, Wix Bookings, Wix Forum, Wix Musi, and more.

6. SEO


With the more costly plans, GoDaddy offers a valuable SEO Wizard that may help you improve your website for search.


In addition to a helpful SEO Wiz and various SEO applications, Wix provides you control over your website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

7. Value for Money


GoDaddy has four different price tiers, the first completely free. It’s one of the most affordable options, with one of the lowest monthly payments.


Among the options offered by Wix is a free option. The problem is that its prices are no longer competitive, and they’re much more costly than the industry norm.

Can I use Wix on GoDaddy?

You can, but you’ll need a Wix premium account to do so.

Connecting and transferring your domain name to a Wix premium account is possible and encouraged. Once you link your domain name, it will stay on GoDaddy and redirect to your Wix website.

When you change your domain name from GoDaddy to Wix, Wix will take over the hosting of your domain name. As a result, everyone who puts in your domain name will be sent directly to your Wix site.

Suppose you intend to continue using GoDaddy as your domain registrar. In that case, this makes sense for those who use their email service. Using a Wix premium site, you may link your GoDaddy domain name. Using GoDaddy’s system, you will need to make a few changes to certain technical parameters.