How To Get Paid To Watch Netflix: 7 Great Options to Explore

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Many people love to watch their favourite movies on Netflix; however, not everyone knows how to get paid to watch Netflix.

Is it possible to be paid for part or all of the binge-watching time that you spend on Netflix? Of course, who wouldn’t want that? Such a great way to make some additional income online.

This article explains it all in detail.

It particularly demonstrates a straightforward and legitimate method for obtaining payment.

Even if there are no official Netflix employment offers or openings, you may still get compensated in this unique way.

There are a few things to keep in mind before we get started.

Moreover, this isn’t one of those scams that promise to earn you money to waste your money and effort.

If you want to earn some additional cash while watching Netflix, this is a legitimate way, so keep reading.

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How to Get Paid to Watch Netflix in 2023

1. Get Paid to Watch Officially

Netflix can pay you to watch TV programs and movies. They do pay individuals to “tag” their shows.

They hire the services of fans of various shows to “tag” segments of their content.

People like them are paid to watch many television, movies, and documentaries.

“Editorial analysts” and “creative analysts” are the most common terms for Netflix taggers.

It is the job of these creative analysts and taggers to ensure that Netflix’s shows and movies are properly tagged.

Without tags, I can’t imagine how tough it would be to search Netflix for anything specific.

Also included are the activities of rating, annotating, and writing analyses of the television episodes, programs, and movies you watch.

Put another way; it’s like a customization process of watching movies and programs and then evaluating and classifying them with certain tags.

When people search for certain TV shows or movies on Netflix, the tags they’ve added help Netflix’s algorithms find the best matches.

However, the problem is that these jobs don’t always have openings. 

2. Mypoints May Help You Make Money From Netflix.

People that use MyPoints to view videos are also rewarded.

Like Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars, these services work on the same principle.

It works with them because you receive points by viewing playlists rather than watching individual videos alone.

Once you start the playlist, you’ll get your points when it’s finished.

However, the playlist must play through to the end to get points. Though you may pause or stop it at any moment.

Even if you don’t have access to a computer, you can still view films on their website using a smartphone.

It’s possible to earn MyPoints TV rewards while viewing movies on your smartphone or tablet. Both Android and iOS devices can use their app.

You may also use MyPoints to earn money by doing things like shopping, looking for discounts, completing surveys online, playing games, and even checking out money-making mobile applications. These are just a few other ways you can use MyPoints to make money.

3. Publish Reviews for Netflix Movies

Create a Netflix movie review YouTube channel or blog. A lot of people like to read reviews of movies and descriptions before seeing a movie.

New movies are being introduced to Netflix every week, so there are many options to choose from.

For those of you who haven’t yet seen any of Netflix’s latest releases, this may be a great time for you to do just that.

You may start making money via advertising and sponsorship deals with a YouTube channel or blog.

As an affiliate, you may also advertise Netflix and similar services.

Join a well-known review site where you can be paid to watch videos on Netflix and write reviews.

4. Watch Video Ads for Money

To earn money while you’re watching Netflix, you can see video advertisements online.

Many websites, such as InboxDollars, may pay you to view brief commercials or videos anytime you have some spare time to spare.

They may also reward you for playing games, completing deals, and purchasing online, among other things.

5. Become a Channel Manager for Netflix

It is common for Netflix to recruit team members that help to run its YouTube channels.

For the most part, the Channel Manager’s job entails putting up playlists and thumbnails, as well as providing in-depth descriptions for the videos they curate.

6. Make Money on Netflix using Inbox Dollars.

One website that rewards you for watching movies on the internet is Inbox dollars. You may get payment in the form of gift cards or cash from certain websites.

PayPal is a quick and convenient form of payment for certain websites. All you have to do is download an app like Inbox Dollars and enter your information to be paid.

You’ll need to view a few short videos and then write your thoughts on them. This is a website where people can comment on videos they’ve seen.

Inbox Dollars is not a scam, based on reviews on the iOS and Google Play stores.

To start making money using the app, just sign up for an account on the website.

7. Work on Netflix Subtitles and Translations

Do you know a second language? In certain cases, Netflix pays for professionals to provide translated subtitles for movies. This enables people who don’t understand the language of the movie to follow.


Working for Netflix, performing odd tasks, or babysitting are also ways to earn money while binge-watching your favourite series on Netflix throughout the workweek.

If you’re just getting started, consider pairing Netflix with simple chores that may earn you some money. Make sure you keep an eye on their jobs page or set up notifications. This is so you can apply for openings as soon as you see them if your knowledge and skills make you a good fit for one of the streaming services.

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