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Elementor Vs Divi: Which One Should You Buy?

Elementor Vs Divi

Do you need a WordPress page builder plug-in to create stunning custom layouts and landing pages for your website? With a WordPress page builder, you can drag and drop content elements, also known as blocks, modules, or widgets, and use them to add any content you wish to a page.

If you’re looking for a page builder plug-in, I’m sure you must have heard of Divi and Elementor. So, is Divi or Elementor the better option for you?

You can’t go wrong when using any of these two popular WordPress page builder plug-ins.

Although both WordPress page builders are great, it’s also true that Elementor and Divi have several key distinctions that may influence your decision.

We will shed some light on this for you in this article. First, let’s look at the similarities and differences between Elementor and Divi. After that, we’ll focus on the polar opposite and see how it differs.

Elementor vs Divi, which do you choose? Let’s start comparing things.

Similarities Between Elementor and Divi

Let’s see what these two top-of-the-line page builder plug-ins have in common, shall we? Even though there are some minor differences between the two, these are the essential features that you’ll receive regardless of the plug-in you end up choosing.

Let’s discuss the interface.

Using Divi or Elementor is as simple as dragging and dropping elements into place.

By simply typing and clicking on the page, you may update the content on the page while designing your website, as if you were your site’s actual visitors yourself.

Divi provides a full-width editor without fixed interface elements other than a single button at the bottom that expands certain options when selected.

Furthermore, the floating buttons that show when hovering over your design are where you’ll be able to add and modify modules.

Modules come in a variety of colours, each representing a particular category.

The settings window will then be used to adjust specific modules. You may resize and move the popup around using drag-and-drop as a bonus.

In contrast, Elementor uses a left-side fixed sidebar that is constantly displayed. For some, it’s much easier to use fixed sidebars than floating buttons that appear and disappear constantly. 

So what’s the best option? Personally, I believe it all depends on personal preference.

It’s tough to decide on a clear winner for something as subjective as this, so I believe you should try them both.

Elementor Vs Divi, What Are the Differences?


User Experience:

Users usually tend to either hate or love this WordPress page builder. This can be linked to its user experience. 

Although it is an agnostic page builder that can be used with almost any WordPress theme, the Divi builder was specifically designed for use with the Divi theme. As a result, theme and page builder upgrades always occur simultaneously.

Divi has the added benefit of including the plug-in as part of their theme, rather than selling it separately.   The pricing difference between Divi and Elementor is also little, which I feel is Divi’s way of enticing prospective users.

Some people have thought they didn’t need the theme because they work with many different themes. However, the benefits of working with a single theme, a single page builder, and becoming a specialist on that theme are too many to mention.


Divi’s interface places all of its elements directly on the page layout.

Just choose the element you want and reorganize it the way you want it on the page.

The extra modules that come with the package let you add even more elements to expand your design even further.

The extra modules that come with the package let you add even more elements.


Divi enables you to use both the page builder and the theme on an infinite number of sites. Whatever package you choose, it’s a great value at only $89 per year or $249 for a lifetime subscription. This includes not only the page builder but also the themes and upgrades.

Divi is for you if you’re experienced with shortcodes and want to master one theme and page builder. Using this powerful combo, you may create many websites for yourself or your customers.


User Experience:

Elementor is another excellent WordPress page builder. Currently, it’s being utilized on over a million websites.

Apart from its ease of use, Elementor’s design is incredibly intuitive. First-time WordPress website owners may take advantage of this.

Many Divi customers have complained that their page builders leave behind a jumble of shortcodes; however, Elementor doesn’t seem to have this problem.

Many Divi customers have complained that their page builders leave behind a jumble of shortcodes; however, you won’t find this problem with Elementor.