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How to Relocate to Canada From Nigeria in 2024

How to Relocate to Canada From Nigeria

Express Entry is the cheapest and most straightforward route for Nigerians relocating to Canada, though this route can be highly competitive.

Other immigration pathways include provincial nominee programs and family sponsorship. Interested in how to relocate to Canada from Nigeria? Then, read on.

Research Immigration Pathways:

Nigerian immigrants can immigrate to Canada via various paths. Employment- and family sponsorship-based immigration are two popular strategies; however, other possibilities also exist.

Many Nigerians come to Canada in search of higher education, career advancement and a fresh start. This is particularly the case among middle-class individuals whose lack of economic prospects in Nigeria combined with rising unemployment rates may prompt them to seek greener pastures like Canada.

Nigerians tend to qualify well for immigration programs in the U.S. due to their superior English skills, advanced degrees, and relevant work experience. Therefore, they can often gain entry through federal economic class pathways like Express Entry.

Nigerians not eligible through Express Entry can still gain permanent residency through Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Under this program, provinces and territories select immigration candidates based on local labour market needs; candidates who receive provincial nomination gain 600 additional Comprehensive Ranking System points – giving them a boost towards an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence when the government holds an Express Entry draw.

Start-Up Visa programs provide business owners and entrepreneurs a fast track to Canadian citizenship. Established Nigerian businesses may wish to explore Intra Company Transfer (ICT), which allows them to relocate key employees temporarily into Canada.

Evaluate Eligibility Criteria

Nigerians stand to benefit greatly from immigrating to Canada, thanks to the country’s robust economy, business opportunities, political stability and globally recognized education and healthcare systems.

Nigerians are one of the primary sources of new permanent residents to Canada. Many arrive under Express Entry’s requirement of university education and work experience in specific occupations; it also awards points for language proficiency – making the program especially appealing to Nigerians with strong command of both English and French.

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Family Sponsorship and the Federal Skilled Trades program are two additional Express Entry pathways open to Nigerians; both require a job offer and proof of funds, but differ regarding eligibility requirements.

Federal Skilled Trades only considers applicants with experience in specialized trade fields; this typically means positions classified as falling into TEER Group 82 which includes supervisory and technical roles within natural resources, agriculture and related industries. Alternatively, under their owner-operator rules the government can verify a job offer that allows applicants to move temporarily on a work permit but then transition over to permanent residency; to do this they must demonstrate they will invest significant time and money in Canadian business ventures.

Language Proficiency Test

Many Nigerians choose Canada due to its esteemed education system, quality of life and vibrant economy. If you wish to relocate in order to pursue higher-level studies there, it is crucial that you know how best to navigate this process. First step should be identifying which Canadian immigration programs best suit you – this process may involve looking through various Canadian immigration programs until finding one which suits you the best.

Most programs require participants to demonstrate their ability to speak and read both English and French by taking an approved language proficiency exam such as IELTS or CELPIP. Make sure your test takes place in an authorized location by the Canadian government.

If you have both a university degree and work experience, and the Express Entry system might be right for you, IRCC could invite those with the highest rankings to apply for permanent residency through its Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada program (IRCC). Entrepreneurs or self-employed can also immigrate through economic immigration programs like Agri-Food Pilot, Entrepreneur Visa or Caregiver Program to enter Canada legally.

Educational Credential Assessment

Nigerians come to Canada for various reasons, and Nigerians in particular. Some may wish to escape violence and poverty in their home country while others wish to find somewhere that will offer more financial rewards in return for hard work. Whatever the motivation may be, it’s essential that any immigration path be thoroughly researched and planned out prior to taking the leap.

Express Entry is an increasingly popular route for Nigerians hoping to emigrate to Canada, using a points-based system where your work experience and personal circumstances are assessed and ranked against other applicants for permanent residency consideration. Top candidates in each field are then invited to apply through this pathway; it’s best suited for skilled workers with college degrees and work experience in their field.

One option for Canadian immigration is through Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). Canada’s 13 provinces and territories each operate their own immigration programs that cater specifically to their economic demographics, making these fast track permanent residency routes the fastest way. Some use Express Entry systems while others may need proof of funds or language proficiency prior to selection as candidates.