How to Relocate to USA From Nigeria – Everything You Need to Know

How to Relocate to USA From Nigeria
How to Relocate to USA From Nigeria

Navigating life in the US from Nigeria can be a formidable challenge that requires extensive preparation, meeting deadlines and adhering to immigration protocol. Furthermore, it’s crucial that you familiarise yourself with your available visa options in order to select one that fits with your unique circumstances.

People looking to temporarily reside in the US can obtain non-immigrant visas for work, studies or travel purposes. Others may qualify for immigrant visas through family sponsorship or the diversity lottery program.


1. Apply for a Student Visa

If you are considering studying abroad in the US, obtaining a student visa may be essential to your plans. While the process can be intimidating at first, with proper planning and preparation it should be doable. Step one of this process is getting accepted by a school approved by Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP), applying to multiple schools so as to maximize your chances of acceptance; once accepted by one or more of them they will submit an I-20 form with details to SEVP for processing.

Once you have an I-20, the visa application process can begin by filling out an online non-immigrant visa application called DS-160. Here you will need to provide information about yourself and your education as well as pay the currently $160 application fee. Once this step has been completed, scheduling your interview at either online or on location with the US Embassy Nigeria should follow shortly thereafter in order to avoid delays and ensure plenty of preparation time prior to meeting with an interviewer.

At your interview, you will be asked questions about your background and course of study in the US. In order to demonstrate sufficient funds for both educational and living expenses while in America, evidence such as bank statements, loan agreements or letters from family will need to be shown as proof.


Finally, you will need to demonstrate that you possess the English language skills required for success in your studies and managing yourself in the US. This can be accomplished via test results, grade transcripts or personal statements. In addition, it must also be demonstrated that you are genuine student who intends to return home after your studies have ended.

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US visa fees have recently increased for Nigerian citizens, which may cause concern. But this shouldn’t stop prospective students from fulfilling their dreams of studying in America; with careful planning and proper preparation, obtaining a student visa from Nigeria is certainly achievable.

2. Apply for an Immigrant Visa

One of the quickest and easiest ways to relocate from Nigeria to USA is through a work visa process, which involves filling out an application and interviewing with the US Embassy. Depending on your type of visa you require, such as non-immigrant worker or immigrant worker visas for temporary or permanent residency purposes respectively; you will also need to submit proof of employment from your employer as well as meet other requirements.


Nigerians looking to immigrate to the USA may also wish to sponsor family members as immigrants, which enables them to move with them if desired. Sponsoring family members for immigration allows Nigerians to move there with their spouses, children, parents or siblings in one single move. There are various types of family visas; immediate relative and preference visas being just two examples. While immediate relative (IR-1 and IR-2) are intended for immediate relatives under 21 years of age while F-1-F3 visas cover more distant relatives (IR-1 to F3 respectively).

Nigerians interested in investing in the United States may qualify for an EB-5 investor visa. This program is open to individuals willing to invest at least $900,000. Upon approval, individuals can receive a green card and eventually citizenship in America.

Living in the United States can be daunting for anyone, but with proper preparation it can become much smoother. It is crucial to consider factors like financial planning, housing and accommodation options, healthcare coverage as well as language knowledge before making any definitive decisions.

If you are planning to relocate to the United States, be sure to meet with an experienced attorney for guidance throughout the process. An attorney will evaluate your individual situation and offer recommendations as to the most beneficial courses of action; assist in compiling documents; file appropriate paperwork; help obtain social security numbers and finding housing options; as well as support navigating life here in America from job searching to citizenship applications.

3. Apply for a Fiancee Visa

One effective strategy for Nigerians looking to relocate to America is by marrying an American. This process, known as K-1 visa, allows their fiancees to immigrate without waiting for a green card. Step one involves filling out Form I-129F; she must provide identity and civil documents, proof of relationship to sponsor as well as results of medical exam before paying an application fee of $1000. Once submitted to National Visa Center it will then be forwarded on to US Embassy Lagos where Nigerian fiancees need to visit in person to arrange interviews as well as submit further documents and documents.

Another option for Nigerians interested in moving to the US is acquiring a work visa, which requires receiving an offer of employment from a company in the US and proof that you meet all qualifications for the position. Medical exams and English language tests will also need to be passed successfully. EB-5 investor programs also exist that can allow Nigerians to migrate, offering opportunities for those willing to invest about $900,000.000 into businesses within America that will create jobs for American citizens.

As soon as you arrive in the United States from Nigeria, the key step in moving there should be following all applicable rules and regulations of that country. Otherwise, adapting to life here could become far more challenging than you anticipated. It is also a good idea to regularly remind yourself why you came and what goals you hope to attain through your new life there.

Relocating from Nigeria is a significant undertaking, but can be made more fulfilling if you research and plan the immigration process with care. By following these steps, you’ll be able to enjoy all the advantages of life in America while remaining compliant with local law.

Determine Your Eligibility

If you are a Nigerian national looking to migrate to the US, there are multiple routes you can take. From family visas through work or humanitarian permits – to applying for any of these visas on humanitarian grounds or through family connections. Before being considered eligible, however, certain requirements must first be fulfilled.

Before applying, you must possess a valid and non-expired passport. Once submitted, all required documents must be presented at a visa interview; specific criteria vary according to each type of visa such as proof of financial ability and ties to Nigeria, medical examinations etc.

As a Nigerian citizen or Green Card holder, you may sponsor your immediate family members to move to the USA. This includes spouses, children, parents and siblings of yours. There are various family visa options available including K-1 fiancee visas and F (family preference visas).

Choose the Right Visa Type

Your choice of visa will depend on your goals for moving to the US: be it tourism or business travel, working, seeking permanent residency status or sponsoring immediate family members – there will always be an appropriate pathway that meets these needs.

Step one of obtaining a US visa involves filling out and submitting all required forms for your specific type. Furthermore, any applicable fees must also be paid and an appointment made with an embassy or consulate in your home country for an interview appointment.

If you are sponsoring family members to come live with you in the US, additional documents will be necessary to demonstrate their relationship and financial ties to you. These could include:

Check and Meet Visa Requirements

Nigerians seeking to immigrate to the US have various options available to them when selecting an immigration method and subsequent costs can vary significantly based on which approach is selected.

Individuals with family members who are US citizens or permanent residents can sponsor their immigration. This may include spouses, children under 21 years of age, parents and siblings of these family members.

Additionally, certain individuals may qualify for visas through employer sponsorship or entering the Diversity Lottery. These visas may be more suitable for professionals working in specific occupations – for instance those working in managerial or executive capacities or specialty fields.

Individuals interested in opening businesses in the US may qualify for investor visas. These visas are granted to those investing large sums into its economy and creating employment opportunities for Americans.

Apply for a Visa

Nigerians long to relocate to the US in search of better work, study, and cultural experiences; but relocation requires careful preparation in order to avoid potential missteps and possible costly setbacks.

Nigerian individuals looking to immigrate to the USA from Nigeria have several visa options available to them, such as family-based immigration, employment-based immigration and the Diversity Visa Program. Each option entails specific eligibility requirements and an extensive application process.

Individuals planning to migrate from Nigeria should consult with an experienced attorney when choosing which visa option best fits them. An attorney can also assist in gathering necessary documents and scheduling an interview date with US immigration authorities; after which, an individual must visit a VFS document collection office to collect their visa.

Open a Bank Account

If you are relocating from Nigeria to USA, one of the first things you will need to do is open a bank account. However, this process can be daunting for newcomers; Monito can help simplify this step for you.

Find a bank with presence in both your home country and the United States to make opening an account easier and save both time and money. Some banks even allow you to open one online while still living there, saving both time and money!

Additionally, you should prepare by familiarizing yourself with American culture. This could involve sharpening your English skills, immersing yourself in American movies and music, and learning the greetings and etiquette associated with American greetings and ceremonies.

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