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UK Visitor Visa Application Process, Requirements and Fees

UK Visitor Visa

Visitors wishing to travel to the UK must abide by a variety of rules and meet specific criteria in order to travel there, such as providing proof of stable income and strong ties to their native country.

Other essential documents include a detailed travel itinerary, accommodation proof and tour plans. Our experienced caseworkers can help you gather all this evidence to support your application.

Types of UK Visitor Visas

The UK visa system offers various categories to accommodate visitors with diverse needs. Visas may be granted for employment in the UK, visiting family or applying for citizenship – however, their specific requirements must satisfy overall visa standards.

Standard Visitor Visas are the most frequently granted visitor visas, designed for individuals visiting the UK for tourism, leisure or family visits; short-term business trips; or to attend short study courses; however for this type of visa a separate Study Visitor Visa may be needed.

Applications must demonstrate that their stay will not extend beyond six months and leave the country upon the conclusion of their trip. They also need to demonstrate sufficient funds to cover themselves and any dependents during their time here without resorting to public funding sources; academic visitors and parents of school-age children in the UK are permitted to remain for 12 months.

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Application Process

UK visitor visa applications require applicants to meet a range of criteria, including proof of income, bank statements and employment documents. They also must demonstrate they have legitimate intent of visiting Britain before leaving and returning home at the conclusion of their stay.

Additionally, to these documents, applicants will require a valid passport that is unexpired and includes at least one blank page to insert a visa application form in. They should submit a detailed travel itinerary and proof of lodging within the UK as well as pay their required fee with receipt as evidence of payment. iVisa provides an easy online application process that streamlines this process, including all of its steps for processing an application for a UK visa.

Dependent upon the duration of their visa, additional documentation may be required from some categories of applicants. Long term visitors will need to demonstrate they possess stable finances and strong ties back home as well as proof that they do not seek extended stays or work in the UK.

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For work or study purposes, foreign nationals entering the UK will need to comply with visa requirements set by the Home Office. These rules are derived from the Immigration Act which empowers SSHD to regulate foreign entry and stay. Depending on your individual situation, you may be required to demonstrate genuine intentions, adequate financial resources, connections with home country as well as more.