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Wix vs Bluehost: Which One is Better for Blogging

If you are not a stranger to the world of web development, then chances are, you have heard this question before ─ Wix Vs Bluehost, which is better? Chances are you have asked this question yourself. Maybe you are still asking even. 

Well, whatever the case, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will be providing answers to this question and then some others.

Before that, though, let’s give a bit of an introduction, just if you don’t know what either Wix or Bluehost is. You can skip the next section if you already know about these two web development tools.

Wix and Bluehost ─ What are They?

Both cloud-based web development services, Wix and Bluehost, are tools web developers use to create websites. That being said, though, these two tools, while used for similar purposes, are not entirely similar. This is because while both of them might be web development tools, Wix is a web builder while Bluehost is a web host.

As a web builder, Wix is used to build websites directly. This means, with Wix, a developer, or even the average person, can create a website from scratch and get it live on the internet. Bluehost, on the other hand, is simply responsible for hosting websites.

This means you need to have developed the website beforehand; then, you can have it hosted with Bluehost. Need a more detailed explanation, this post about the difference between a web host and a web builder does justice to the subject.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the post proper.

Wix vs Bluehost: Which is Better?

In truth, this is a rather complex question to answer. This is because both tools have their strengths and weaknesses. While one might be better than the other in one case, the other might be a much better choice in another.

While this is usually the case when comparing most things, it is even more obvious in the case of these two.

You see, with Wix and Bluehost inherently being different, Wix being a web Builder and Bluehost being a web host, these two were technically made to do different things.

For this reason alone, we can already determine where one would be better than the other ─ Wix is the better choice if you are looking to build a website from scratch. Still, Bluehost is by far the better of the two options when it comes to hosting.

But this is just the easy answer, and things are a bit more complicated than that. To truly determine which is better between these two web development tools, we have to take a different approach and ask a more thorough question.

Wix vs Bluehost: Which is the Better Choice for You?

Now here is a question we can answer more successfully. Now the question is about YOU! Yet, before a satisfactory answer can be arrived at, a few questions need to be answered first.

What exactly are you looking to accomplish? Are you looking to build a website, or do you need to get your website live? And what kind of website are you looking to build?

Is it something complex or something simple? How about your proficiency as a web developer? Are you a professional developer or just a regular guy looking to create his blog or website?

The best choice for you would depend on your answer to these questions.

Wix vs Bluehost: When Should You Choose Wix?

If there is one thing Wix is known for, it is how easy it makes creating websites. This is an integral part of why this web builder was created in the first place ─ to be so easy to use; even complete novices can create websites with it. So if you are looking for an easy way to create websites, then Wix is a great choice for you. 

With Wix, you can practically create a functional website from scratch in almost no time AND get it published on the internet. This is a perfect choice for individuals looking to create personal blogs or portfolios since it is effective, easy to use, and cheap.

With all these advantages, you might be tempted to choose Wix right off the bat; after all, if something is effective, easy to use, and cheap, what else could you ever want, right?

Well, here’s the thing. Web development is extremely complicated. To create a tool that simplifies things, you’d have to take a lot out.

This is the exact case with Wix. While this tool makes web design easy and quick, there are quite many things you would be unable to do with this tool. So if you are looking to create a professional website, then Wix is NOT a good choice for you.

Wix vs Bluehost: When Should You Choose Bluehost?

Before we get to talking about when you should choose Bluehost, let’s first discuss when NOT to choose Bluehost.

You do NOT want to choose Bluehost if you are looking to create a website. This is because Bluehost is NOT a web builder but a web host. It can NOT build a website for you. It would only help you host a website you have created or are about to create. That being said, Bluehost can also be used with website builders to host websites built with them.

With that said, Bluehost is a premium quality host, so if you are looking to create a professional website or blog, you want to consider getting that website hosted on Bluehost. While website builders like Wix do offer their own hosting services, these services don’t even come close to what Bluehost has to offer. On this note, Bluehost wins over Wix since Bluehost has much better and more advanced hosting services.

Wix vs Bluehost: Which One is Good For Blogging?

Now maybe you are more particular about blogging, and all you want to do is create a blog. Well, in this case, the answer would still depend on your personal needs. What type of blog are you looking to create? How professional do you want it to look and feel? How much content would the blog contain? How much are you looking to spend to have your blog created?

If you are looking to create a simple personal blog, for example ─ nothing complex, just something you can post random stuff on, one that is cheap and wouldn’t contain too much content, then Wix would be the best choice for you. This is because Wix is cheap and can easily get you what you want.

If you are looking to create a more complex blog that would have several contributors, hundreds upon hundreds of posts (with thousands of images and videos), and tens of thousands of monthly visitors, the basic hosting provided by web builders like Wix would most likely not be sufficient for you. In this case, you would want to go for a more sophisticated and trusted web hosting service like Bluehost.

Can Wix be Used With Bluehost?

Now you might be thinking, is there no way to get the best of these two services ─ the ease of web development Wix brings as well as the premium quality of Bluehost’s web hosting service? Well, the answer to that is, no, you can’t.

While Bluehost usually works with most web builders and can be used to host websites built elsewhere, Wix doesn’t support this. This is because Wix offers its own hosting service. The software used here is unavailable for use on other servers like Bluehost.

So if you are choosing to build a website with Wix, you have to bear in mind that, unlike WordPress- which gives you the option to host their sites with other hosting services- you would only be able to host a Wix website with Wix hosting service. 

So how does Wix’s hosting stack up to Bluehost’s? Well, the answer here would depend on which of Wix’s hosting subscriptions you’ve currently got.

Here is an objective fact: Bluehost is the better hosting service in terms of value for your money. Excluding Wix’s free hosting (which only provides basic hosting services), hosting a website on Wix is actually more expensive than hosting it on Bluehost when you consider what you get.


Wix and Bluehost are different web development tools. Wix is a website builder, and Bluehost is a Webhosting service. While Wix also provides a Webhosting service, the two tools were designed for two different things.

It would greatly depend on your needs when it comes to which of the two tools would be a better choice for you. If you are looking to create a simple personal website or blog with basic hosting, Wix would be a great choice. But suppose you are looking to have more advanced and reliable hosting services on your professional website or blog. In that case, you should consider Bluehost instead.

And no, you can not use both Bluehost and Wix together.

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