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Unity Bank Transfer Code – Full List of Unity Bank USSD Codes (2023)

Unity Bank Transfer Code

UNITY BANK TRANSFER CODE: Unity Bank, one of Nigeria’s leading financial institutions, has introduced a convenient and user-friendly banking solution – the Unity Bank Code. With the power of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) technology, customers can now enjoy hassle-free and secure banking at their fingertips. This comprehensive guide will take you through the step-by-step process of activating the USSD code for Unity Bank, making banking transactions quicker and more accessible than ever before.

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What is the Unity Bank Transfer Code
Requirements for Activating the USSD Code
How to Activate the USSD code for Unity Bank
Full List of Unity Bank USSD Codes and Functions
All Uses and Benefits of Unity Bank Code Explained
Security and Safety for the Unity Bank Transfer Code
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Unity Bank USSD Code

The Unity Bank code, also known as the Unity Bank transfer code is *7799#. It is a user-friendly service that allows Unity Bank customers to access a wide range of banking services using their mobile phones. By dialling a specific code, customers can perform various transactions such as checking account balances, transferring funds, purchasing airtime, paying bills, and more. The USSD Code for Unity Bank operates without the need for an internet connection, ensuring that customers can conveniently manage their finances anytime, anywhere.

Unity Bank Transfer Code

Requirements for Activating Unity Bank Code

Before you can enjoy the convenience of the Unity Bank USSD Code, ensure you meet the following requirements:

  1. Active Unity Bank Account: You must have an active account with Unity Bank to register for the USSD service.
  2. Registered Phone Number: Your mobile number must be linked to your Unity Bank account. If not, visit the nearest Unity Bank branch to update your contact information.
  3. Sufficient Airtime: Ensure that you have enough airtime on your mobile phone to cover the cost of the activation.

How to Activate the USSD code for Unity Bank

Now that you have met the requirements, follow these simple steps to activate the USSD code:

Step 1: Dial the USSD Code From the mobile number registered with your Unity Bank account, dial *7799# on your phone’s dialer.

Step 2: Select “Activate Account” You will receive a prompt with various options. Choose the “Activate Account” option to proceed with the activation.

Step 3: Input Your Account Number Enter your Unity Bank account number when prompted. Double-check the number to ensure it is correct.

Step 4: Create a PIN Set up a secure 4 to 6-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you will use for future transactions. Make sure it is unique and easy to remember but difficult for others to guess.

Step 5: Confirm Activation You will receive a confirmation message on your phone, indicating the successful activation of the code.

Full List of Unity Bank USSD Codes and Functions

  1. *7799*: The main USSD code for Unity Bank services.
    • Function: This is the gateway to Unity Bank’s convenient banking services. You can access various features using this code.
  2. *7799*403*Bet9jaID*Amount#:
    • Function: Fund your Bet9ja wallet easily using this code.
  3. *7799*Amount#:
    • Function: Recharge your own phone with airtime directly.
  4. *7799*PhoneNumber*Amount#:
    • Function: Recharge someone else’s phone with airtime.
  5. *7799*1*AccountNo*Amount#:
    • Function: Transfer money from your Unity Bank account to another Unity Bank account.
  6. *7799*2*AccountNo*Amount#:
    • Function: Transfer money from your Unity Bank account to accounts in other banks.
  7. *7799*0#:
    • Function: Check your account balance.
  8. *7799*5#:
    • Function: Verify your BVN (Bank Verification Number).
  9. *7799*9*PhoneNumber#:
    • Function: Block your bank account for security reasons.
  10. *7799*000*RefID#:
    • Function: Initiate a USSD transaction on a Point of Sale (POS) machine.
  11. *7799*8*Amount#:
    • Function: Withdraw cash from an ATM without using a physical card (cardless withdrawal).
  12. *7799*32*SmartCardNo*Option#:
    • Function: Pay for DSTV subscription:
    • Options:
      • 1: Access package
      • 2: Compact package
      • 3: Compact Plus package
      • 4: Family package
      • 5: Premium package
  13. *7799*33*SmartCardNo*Option#:
    • Function: Pay for GoTV subscription:
    • Options:
      • 1: GoTV Lite package
      • 2: GoTV Max package
      • 3: GoTV Plus package
      • 4: GoTV Value Package
  14. *7799*4*MeterNo*Amount#:
    • Function: Pay for prepaid electricity under Eko Electricity Distribution.
  15. *7799*5*MeterNo*Amount#:
    • Function: Pay for prepaid electricity under Ikeja Electricity.

All Uses and Benefits of Unity Bank Code Explained

The USSD code from Unity Bank has revolutionized banking in Nigeria, empowering customers to conduct various transactions conveniently and securely through their mobile phones. This comprehensive guide will explore all the uses of Unity USSD Bank Code, shedding light on its versatile features and the unparalleled benefits it brings to customers.

Checking Account Balance

One of the primary uses of the USSD code is checking your account balance. By dialling *7799# and selecting the “Check Balance” option, you can instantly view your account balance. This feature is incredibly handy for keeping track of your finances on the go.

Funds Transfer

Transferring funds between Unity Bank accounts or to accounts in other Nigerian banks is a breeze with Unity Bank transfer code. Simply dial *7799# and select the “Transfer Funds” option. Follow the prompts to enter the recipient’s account number, the amount, and your secure PIN to complete the transaction swiftly and securely.

Airtime Recharge

Running out of airtime is no longer an issue with Unity Bank Code. Dial *7799# and select “Airtime Recharge” to top up your phone or any other mobile number you wish to recharge. The process is swift, and you’ll receive an instant notification of the successful transaction.

Bill Payments

Gone are the days of standing in long queues to pay utility bills. With the Unity bank transfer code, you can settle your electricity, water, cable TV, and other bills with ease. Dial *7799# and select “Bills Payment” to make timely payments and avoid late fees.

Mobile Banking PIN Reset

In the event that you forget your mobile banking PIN, Unity Bank Code provides an option to reset it. Simply dial *7799# and follow the instructions to reset your PIN securely.

Checking Account Statement

With Unity USSD Code, you can request your account statement with ease. Dial *7799# and select “Account Statement” to receive your account’s recent transactions via SMS or email.

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