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List of Union Bank Sort Codes: Easy and Quick Sorting of Transactions

The Union Bank sort code is an essential element in banking that plays a crucial role in identifying specific bank branches and facilitating seamless transactions. Understanding the Union Bank sort code system is essential for anyone who holds an account with Union Bank or intends to engage in transactions with the bank. In this article, we will explore the Union Bank sort code system in detail, its significance, and how you can utilize it effectively for various banking transactions.

What is a Bank Sort Code?

A bank sort code is an alphanumeric code assigned to each bank branch within a country’s banking system. It serves as an address that guides financial transactions to the correct destination. Whether it’s a domestic transfer, direct deposit, wire transfer, or electronic payment, the bank sort code plays an integral role in directing funds accurately.

Understanding the Components of a Bank Sort Code

A standard bank sort code typically consists of six digits, with each segment representing specific information:

  1. Bank Identifier: The first two digits of the sort code represent the bank identifier. This part identifies the specific bank that operates the branch where the account is held. Every bank is assigned a unique identifier, ensuring accurate routing of transactions.
  2. Branch Identifier: Following the bank identifier are the next two digits, which form the branch identifier. This component distinguishes the individual branch within the bank’s network. In the case of banks with multiple branches, this portion ensures precise routing to the intended location.
  3. Check Digit: The final two digits of the sort code constitute the check digit. This part serves as a validation mechanism to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the entire sort code. It is calculated based on a specific algorithm, making it difficult to tamper with the code.

Significance of Bank Sort Codes

Bank sort codes play a pivotal role in various financial activities, including:

  1. Domestic Transfers: When initiating a fund transfer between two bank accounts within the same country, the bank sort code ensures that the money is directed to the correct recipient’s bank and branch.
  2. Direct Deposits: Employers utilize bank sort codes to deposit salaries directly into their employees’ bank accounts, streamlining payroll processes and eliminating the need for physical checks.
  3. Electronic Payments: Bank sort codes facilitate electronic payments for various transactions, such as bill payments and online purchases, ensuring secure and efficient processing.
  4. Wire Transfers: For international transactions, the sender’s bank requires the recipient’s bank’s sort code to execute a successful wire transfer.

Understanding Union Bank Sort Code

The Union Bank sort code is a 9-digit numerical code assigned to each Union Bank branch in Nigeria. It helps in identifying the exact branch where an account is held and ensures that transactions are directed to the correct location for processing.

Importance of Union Bank Sort Code

The Union Bank sort code holds significant importance for various banking transactions:

  • Fund Transfers: When initiating a transfer to a Union Bank account from another bank, the sort code ensures that the funds are routed to the correct branch and account.
  • Direct Deposits: For employers or organizations making direct deposits to Union Bank accounts, the sort code is necessary to identify the specific branch where the account is held.
  • Bill Payments: When making payments to Union Bank for utilities, loans, or other services, the sort code helps in directing the payment to the appropriate branch.

Utilizing Union Bank Sort Code

To effectively use the Union Bank sort code, follow these steps:

1st Provide the correct sort code: When performing any inter-bank transaction involving Union Bank, ensure that you enter the accurate sort code of the recipient branch.

2nd Verify recipient details: Always double-check the recipient’s account number and sort code before initiating a transfer or payment to ensure accuracy and avoid any potential errors.

3rd Seek assistance when in doubt: If you are unsure about a Union Bank sort code or need clarification, contact Union Bank customer service or visit a branch for assistance.

Locating Union Bank Sort Code

To find the sort code of a specific Union Bank branch, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the official Union Bank website.
  • Navigate to the “Branch Locator” or “Contact Us” section.
  • Use the search function to locate the desired branch.
  • The sort code for the branch will be displayed alongside its address and contact details.

Alternatively, some of the sort codes are listed below:

StateCityBranchSort Code
AbiaAbaFaulks Road032230123
AbiaAbaFactory Road032230110
AbiaAbaNew Benin/Lagos Rd032230193
AbiaUmuahiaUmuahia Main032230152
AdamawaYolaYola Main032230202
AnambraAwkaAwka Main032230210
AnambraOnitshaOnitsha Main032230224
BauchiBauchiBauchi Main032230238
BenueMakurdiMakurdi Main032230246
BornoMaiduguriMaiduguri Main032230254
Cross RiverCalabarCalabar Main032230262
DeltaAsabaAsaba Main032230270
DeltaWarriWarri Main032230288
EdoBenin CityBenin City Main032230296
EnuguEnuguEnugu Main032230304
EkitiAdo EkitiAdo Ekiti Main032230312
ImoOwerriOwerri Main032230320
JigawaDutseDutse Main032230338
KadunaKadunaKaduna Main032230346
KanoKanoKano Main032230354
KatsinaKatsinaKatsina Main032230362
KebbiBirnin KebbiBirnin Kebbi Main032230370
KogiLokojaLokoja Main032230388
KwaraIlorinIlorin Main032230396
LagosLagos IslandLagos Island Main032230404
LagosMarinaMarina Main032230412
LagosYabaYaba Main032230420
NigerMinnaMinna Main032230438
OgunAbeokutaAbeokuta Main032230446
OndoAkureAkure Main032230454
OsunOsogboOsogbo Main032230462
OyoIbadanIbadan Main032230470
PlateauJosJos Main032230488
RiversPort HarcourtPort Harcourt Main032230496
SokotoSokotoSokoto Main032230504
TarabaJalingoJalingo Main032230512
YobeDamaturuDamaturu Main032230520
ZamfaraGusauGusau Main032230538


The Union Bank sort code is a vital component of the banking system that enables smooth and accurate processing of transactions. By understanding and utilizing the Union Bank sort code effectively, you can ensure that your inter-bank transfers, direct deposits, and bill payments are directed to the correct branch for timely and efficient processing.

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