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Trust Wallet Vs Exodus Wallet: 2 Powerful Crypto Wallets to Choose From?

Are you looking for a place to store your cryptocurrencies? I’m sure in your search, the terms Exodus wallet and Trust wallet have popped up once or twice. Clear your Trust Wallet Vs Exodus Wallet dilemma. Crypto wallets are important if you wish to improve the security of your assets.

This article is dedicated to reviewing these two crypto wallet giants. That should help you make a decision on which wallet to pick for your coins. So, without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?


To all my newbie friends, here’s a definition of what a crypto wallet is. But if you are an advanced crypto enthusiast, you can skip to the next section. Right, what is a crypto wallet? In simple terms, a crypto wallet is a digital storage space where you can hold your cryptographic keys, or in other words, your crypto coins.

You may also be wondering why you need a crypto wallet. Well, wonder no more. A wallet allows you to own your tokens and coins 100%. Assets you have on exchanges are yours but do not belong to you 100%. If the exchange goes off, your assets are off and can’t be retrieved. This has happened to several exchanges in the past and Mt. Gox is a popular example. The safest thing to do is to move your assets to a wallet you have full control over.

Now that the definition is out of the way let’s check out specific features of a crypto wallet available on both platforms.

Supported Devices

The exodus crypto wallet comes with a desktop and mobile wallet. This means you can use your Mac or Windows laptop to access this platform as well as your smartphone. On the other hand, the Trust wallet only comes as an application that’s accessible through an iPhone or Android device. If you want to access your Trust wallet using a computer, you will have to log in through a considerably unsafe browser.


The Exodus crypto wallet and Trust Wallet are designed for anyone looking for a multi-platform wallet to manage, store or exchange their blockchain assets. They target the same audience. Whether you are new to blockchain and crypto or you have been in this space for a long time, both wallets will get you covered.


Both platforms have an online presence that you can use to contact them if you have any challenges. Additionally, you can download their apps using the online website. However, the Exodus wallet includes 24/7 live support for its customers, unlike the Trust wallet.


The Exodus crypto wallet was formed back in 2015, while the Trust wallet was formed in 2017. That means the Exodus wallet has a two-year advantage over the Trust company. All in all, both companies have a strong and responsible tech team giving them a competitive advantage.

Trust Wallet Vs Exodus Wallet: Which is the best crypto wallet in 2022?

If you follow the features above closely, you will quickly realize that the Exodus wallet is steps ahead of the Trust wallet. Exodus wallet not only caters to its customer’s requirements, but the platform also has 24/7 customer support ready to answer any questions you might have.

With the technicality that accompanies the crypto world, you are bound to have challenges during your interactions with a crypto wallet. And that’s why professional and always-available customer support is necessary. I’m sure you’ve already guessed it; Exodus is the best crypto wallet to have in 2022 but also consider Trust Wallet for its ease of use. Try the two wallets and choose for yourself the one that works better for you.

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