5 Side Hustles For Couples In 2023

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Does working with someone you love sound good to you? Then thinking of side hustles for couples in 2023 should be quite appealing. It may be the answer to your financial success.

Isn’t it common advice that you look for a job you enjoy so that it doesn’t feel like work? But what about if you enjoy spending time with your loved one? Maybe you could perhaps consider helping each other in a combined business endeavour.

Starting a business takes a lot of work. Generally, it involves some risk — and it might take a toll on your relationship. Couples who want to increase their income might do so by opening a side hustle. And that money can help you pay your college fees or save for a new property.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of terrific weekend side hustles and internet businesses that won’t disrupt your relationship.

If you’re dedicated enough, your joint side business may even turn into a full-time profession if you like it so much.

Increasing potential for side hustles has emerged due to technological advancements and a shift in the way people see work and life. Individual side hustles get most of the attention so we will concentrate on 5 side hustles for couples in 2023 instead.

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Here Are 5 Side Hustles For Couples In 2023

1. Provide Child Or Pet Care Services

First, let’s speak about pet care services. Keeping pets company, letting them out, feeding them, and taking them for walks are all great ways to help those who don’t have the time or skill to care for them while they aren’t home.

Based on your preferences, you may decide whether you want to work from home or complete the service in the pet owners’ homes.

If you want to have dogs in your house, you’ll need a yard. You should also think about whether or not everyone in your family is okay with pets. We use the word “dogs” since walking or sitting only one dog is unlikely to be financially viable.

You’ll need to have a lot of pets at home, or even more if you start a walking business. To keep the animals happy and healthy, you’ll need supplies. When calculating your net income, don’t forget to account for all of these costs.

As for childcare services, if you both wish to become babysitters, you’ll need to receive some basic training like kid first aid and CPR. It helps if you have a knack for entertaining and disciplining kids. 

2. Start an Etsy Business

 Do you have items at home that you wish to sell?

If you have a creative concept and can package it properly, your product may find a market on Etsy. An Etsy poll found that almost half of the respondents never sold anything before opening their store on the site.

There are a lot of ideas for Etsy stores.  You can take a quick look online for ideas on what you can sell on Etsy. Doing your research before undertaking a project can be of great benefit

3. Freelance Writing

This is a side hustle that requires excellent writing skills. While large corporations often employ content writers and copywriters, small and medium-sized firms can provide many contract job opportunities. Freelance job sites and marketing firms often use part-time writers to complete their tasks.

This form of writing requires a strong command of English syntax and spelling and the ability to take an idea, do some research, and produce engaging content.

Writing like your favourite writer isn’t a requirement for success. Check out examples of corporate blogs, websites, and social media postings to see whether you do it as well.

Most authors start with low pay, get some experience, and then boost their rates as they go along. If two individuals are writing, it might add up. Also, you may bounce ideas off one another and revise one another’s writing. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to write the same sort of stuff or a variety of other types; either option works for two people.

4. Create a Blog

 If either you or your partner has a passion for writing, editing, and some digital marketing skills, creating a blog might be a terrific way to make money.

It’s important to know that blogging isn’t going to make you rich right away, but it can eventually. Before you can start making money from your blog, you’ll need to become a trusted source of content and give people a lot of useful information.

Your blog will need to be widely publicized as well, whether that’s via link building, social media or email newsletters. Bloggers will struggle to make money from advertising or affiliate marketing alone until they have a huge active user base. 

It’s possible to start a freelance writing career with a blog, especially if you’re good at writing and editing.

However, being a freelance writer also needs some self-marketing. It may be a terrific method to pick up customers (and additional income) when you need them. You might also keep some of your creative energy to yourself and utilize your editing talents to work as a proofreader.

5. Invest in Real Estate

This is the most difficult and expensive side hustle to pull off. However, any couple can get into this side hustle now that the options and investment levels are diverse.

You may rent part of your property at the expense of putting it up for guests to stay and advertising. It’s also possible to turn a spare room in your home into a tiny apartment or studio and charge rent for it.

It would be a better real estate investment to buy a house that needs to be fixed and then sell it to make money.

You’ll see this on TV, but don’t think it’s an easy way to become rich quickly. It requires patience, knowledge, effort, and a plan.

Consider real estate investment trusts via crowdfunding sites if you want the other end of the real estate investing spectrum.  However,  research real estate investment together before going into the deep end.

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