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20+ Best Places for News About Cryptocurrency in 2022

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are some of the hottest topics in 2022. More people are gaining interest in the cryptocurrency world. Some, for fun and others for investment opportunities. However, one of the significant challenges that investors face is getting authentic news about cryptocurrency.

That is why in this article, we will discuss some of the best places for news about cryptocurrency in 2022. All the places we will cover aim to keep traders updated on Blockchain and all crypto-related news. Let’s dive in!


The leading crypto news website is CoinDesk. It has over 10 million unique visitors. It’s one of the main places where you will get authentic news on the blockchain community and crypto assets.


Dedicated news sites are not easy to come by. But you can turn to Cointelegraph and get everything regarding Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins. They post crypto news and articles every day. The best part is that the site is available in different languages.


If you are looking for a premier source for everything Bitcoin-related, Bitcoin.com got you covered. You will get the latest news updates. There is also a Bitcoin Forum to engage with the community.


CCN offers valuable crypto news and blog posts regarding all the major cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it provides essential market information such as ICO calendars, market cap, and DLT events.


For the latest crypto industry analysis and news, you can check out Coimonks. It is a non-profit crypto publication that will never let you down.


U.Today is a media organization that operates globally. It helps people understand new-generation tech, crypto, and Blockchain tech and their impact on society.


If you need a one-stop resource for cryptocurrency and crypto trading-related news, Cryptopotato is the place for you.

BTC Manager

BTC Manager is a reliable source for accurate and fair news about cryptocurrencies, exchanges, ICOs, and honest crypto reviews.

News BTC

You will find all the latest crypto news and happenings on News BTC. On top of that, they offer reviews, technical analysis, and vital information about the blockchain and crypto community.


TodayOnChain is a popular crypto news site that covers all things Blockchain and crypto. They acquire up-to-date news from various sources so that you will get reliable information here every day.


Another renowned crypto news site in the industry is Cryptoslate. They provide authentic and transparent news about cryptocurrency and distributed ledgers.

Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine is one of the pioneer Crypto news sources in the industry. It provides expert commentary on BTC, blockchain tech, and the entire digital currency world.


Forbes is a media and entertainment magazine taking the digital world by storm. Under Forbes Crypto, the magazine covers Digital ledger technology and crypto news.


CoinGape is a great one-stop place for crypto news and analysis. It serves readers worldwide with the latest information on Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

AMB Crypto

Another reliable source for crypto news. AMBCryto is fast rising with more than a 1.5million monthly page views.


Bitcoinist offers prime news on blockchain tech, Bitcoin, and other digital currencies. Besides, it provides insightful analysis of different cryptos.

Ethereum Blog

The Ethereum Blog is solely dedicated to the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum. It features all the Ethereum developments, news, and announcements.

Crypto News Z

For the latest blockchain and crypto news, you can check out Crypto News Z. Here; you will also get price analysis and predictions for different Cryptos.

Ethereum World News

Ethereum World News is another site dedicated to Ethereum news, Blockchain technology, and Bitcoin.

99 Bitcoins

If you are a non-technical newbie, 99Bitcoins is the stop for you. It offers crypto news and Bitcoin basics, trading tips, and valuable information on mining Bitcoins.


The crypto community on Twitter is growing larger every day. You can get useful pieces of news from founders, and crypto enthusiasts immediately after they are out. Many crypto influencers on Twitter are there to supply more than enough information that you will ever need. However, be on alert not to follow anyone blindly.