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3 Affordable And Free Places To Learn Digital Skills Online

Living in today’s world without digital skills is like displaying an analogue phone when everyone is on a smartphone. One of the benefits of the internet is that it offers equal opportunity for everyone to learn digital skills online. All that is required is for you to own one of the following devices: a laptop, pad, or smartphone. Digital skills you can learn online include: On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, computer programming, affiliate marketing, and several others.

With a good internet connection, you can find several affordable and free places to learn digital skills online. In this article, we shall look at 3 of them. Whether you want to become a digital entrepreneur, or you desire to pick some skills for career advancement, this article is for you. So, let’s quickly dive in.


Coding is one of the in-demand skills in the world today and Codecademy is one of the best places to acquire this skill. The platform offers you an opportunity to learn up to a dozen programs.

Here, you can learn popular programming and markup languages without breaking the bank. The online academy offers both free and paid plans. The basic courses fall under the free plan and you can achieve so much with it. Without paying a dime, you can acquire all the necessary skills in coding if you are determined, disciplined, and self-motivated.

But, if you want more advanced experience, you will have to enrol in the Pro account. As we mentioned earlier, the fees for Codecademy Pro are quite affordable, starting from as low as $19.99 monthly.

Khan Academy

This online academy began operations in 2006 and targeted at providing free and accessible education for everyone online. Developed as a non-profit, the academy offers free tutorials via videos. Most of the courses here have been translated into multiple languages. Also, they can be had on any device with an internet connection.

Learning at Khan Academy may not be formal, but it is surely one of the free places to learn digital skills online. If you are looking for a place to pick new skills online for whatever purpose, then you can check this space.


Udemy has indeed revolutionized the world’s educational structure. The platform has empowered millions of experts and students around the world to share and learn new skills online.

Udemy offers an extensive range of professional courses spanning digital skills, arts, academics, entrepreneurship, local SEO strategies and more. Many of the courses offered on this platform are free. The paid programs start at very affordable rates. Some comprehensive courses could go for as low as $9.99. During the different promotional periods around the year, you may get courses lower than $9.99.


With several affordable and free places to learn digital skills online, there are no excuses for not acquiring necessary skills that align with the developing trends in the world marketplace. These skills will help to boost your value and open you to unlimited opportunities. We have outlined three places you can learn these skills in this article.

You can get most of these programs at no cost at all. In the few instances where there are price tags, the fees are quite low. All you need is self-motivation, discipline, and determination for advancement.