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How To Write A Blog Post Outline (7 Best Steps to Follow)

How To Write A Blog Post Outline

Writing a blog post outline is important to avoid having a bad blog post. What are the characteristics of a bad blog post? As a new writer, you might have been wondering how to write a blog post outline.

There are many possible reasons why a blog article is less than flawless. The layout is a mess; grammar is a problem; the choice of words is sloppy, and shareability is poor. Etc.

What’s the biggest issue? The biggest issue is probably that the flow is quite poor. As the post progresses from one idea to the next, it loops back to the initial idea for a short moment before moving on to the next. 

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix. Creating an outline is a good idea before writing your blog article. This will also help you to write a blog post fast.

To be clear, I’m not referring to a list of talking points, which may lead even the most seasoned of writers to wrong. I’m talking about having a detailed plan with enough information to prevent your work from going off the rails. It’s also pretty simple to make.

Depending on how you write, you may want to change some steps. Still, the final objective should always be to obtain an outline precisely enough to produce coherent, logical work. 

Why Write Blog Post Outline

An article lacking cohesion and consistency in its content might result from writing without brainstorming and preparing an outline. There’s value in converting a few random thoughts into something that adds structure and substance to a blog article.

There are several benefits to preparing an outline before writing content:

1. With it, you can remain focused. When writing a blog post, it might be helpful to refer to an outline.

2. It may be able to speed up the process of writing the article. Having a plan for your content might help you remain on track and complete the post on time.

3. It improves the organization of the content. There should be a beginning, a middle, and an end to your piece. Using your outline, this is a simple task to accomplish.

4. Thoughts are organized. An outline may help you create a huge idea when you experience that “aha” moment.

5. It gives you a better idea of what you want to accomplish before you even begin writing. Are you aware of the reader’s expectations? You may learn a lot about your intended audience by using an outline.

6. It may help you figure out what to include and leave out your work. When you brainstorm and write an outline, it’s easier to determine what’s important for the post and what isn’t.

7. If you have an outline for your blog article, you’ll be in a better position to begin writing the actual piece. 

How To Write A Blog Post Outline In 7 Simple Steps

1. Have a Good Working Title.

This phase is perhaps the most critical of the whole procedure. Before you start outlining, you should have a good idea of what you’re going to write.

Spend time developing your working title. Make it clear, straightforward, and easy to handle in a blog post structure — but don’t spend time being nitpicky. Your title may be refined at a later time. The objective here is to create a title that gives you a very clear notion of what the entire essay is about. You’ll have time to polish it up afterward.

2. Determine Key Takeaways

Identifying your blog post’s most important takeaway is a smart initial step when you have ideas for a post.