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How to Measure Blog Success Quickly: 4 Areas to Consider

how to measure blog success

It is not uncommon for beginners to wonder how to measure blog success to enable them to monitor their progress and add any needed improvement. This appraisal is important if growth is at the center of your plan. One cannot keep working on a project without checking the progress of the project from time to time, and this is exactly the same with blogging. Your blog needs to be assessed from time to time.

It is not enough to put great time and energy into writing great blog posts and doing off-page SEO and keep hoping that things will turn out fine. Measuring blog success helps you to know how much progress you have made and the areas you need to improve on.

Why Measure Blog Success?

There are expectations we hope to achieve with our blogs. These expectations should be clear as they are the parameters we have to measure while analyzing success.

Many blog or website owners hope to have an increased number of visitors, increased number of quality backlinks, increased number of email signups, increased number of posts being shared by visitors on social networking sites, increased stay of visitors on the site, and increased number of purchases through their blogs or website. These parameters form the basis used to measure blog success.

How to Measure Blog Success

The parameters to measure while evaluating your blog success can be broadly grouped into 4 groups. Some of these parameters may overlap with different groups.