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How to Make Your iPhone Louder: 4 Easy Ways that Work

How to Make Your iPhone Louder

Apple’s iPhone is all the rage for a lot of people. From its sleek and beautiful design to its smooth-to-use interface, it’s no wonder why so many people enjoy using this phone. However, there are times when even the maximum volume setting isn’t quite loud enough, such as when you try to listen to music or watch a movie in a noisy environment. Fear not, you can get more out of your device with these simple tricks to give your iPhone sound a boost.

How to make your iPhone louder by tweaking the EQ settings

If you’re ever struggling to hear the sound playing in your Music app in a noisy environment, then you might want to try tweaking the EQ settings.

The iPhone’s default equalizer (EQ) settings aren’t the best for amplifying sound. By adjusting a few specific settings, you can make your phone louder and improve the overall sound quality. This setting boosts the energy of vibration, making sounds louder overall.

Tweak your EQ settings with these simple steps:

1. Launch “Settings” on your mobile device. Scroll down and select “Music.”

2. Scroll down to the “EQ” option in the “Audio” section. It is off by default. Click on it.

3. You will see a list of different EQ options such as Acoustic, Electronic, and Late Night that you can choose. Select “Late Night.” I recommend using the “Late Night” setting because it is the best EQ option for a loud sound. However, if you want something other than just loudness, try some other options.

This will end up making your Music app’s volume louder while playing music. It has the perfect balance of boosting volume while still sounding natural. Turn on and off EQ to hear the difference.

Be aware that changing this setting will have no effect on any audio that is not played through the Music app.

Ensure your “Reduce Loud Sounds” setting is toggled off

“Reduce Loud Sounds” is found in the “Settings” app. To disable it, you will have to take these steps.

1. Go to “Settings.”

2. Scroll down a little and hit “Sounds & Haptics.”

3. Proceed to the “HEADPHONE AUDIO” area and select “Headphone Safety.”

4. Check to see if the “Reduce Loud Sounds” option is on, and turn it off by sliding its bar to the left.