How to Make Money With WhatsApp: 3 Legit Ways to Explore

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In just less than a decade since it was first created in 2009, WhatsApp quickly became one of the world’s most popular instant messaging platforms. With over two billion users worldwide and being completely free to use, WhatsApp quickly became a public favourite. Unfortunately, many users do not know how to make money with WhatsApp.

Like most other social media platforms, WhatsApp offers users more than just a means to stay connected. With such a huge number of users, WhatsApp offers a great market and various opportunities to make money to users. That is, of course, those users who know what to do.

In this blog, we will share a number of WhatsApp money-making tactics and how to get started. 

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How to Make Money On WhatsApp

The popularity of WhatsApp, the number of hours users spend on the platform, its ease of use, and the fact that it is completely free all play a role in the opportunities this platform offers users to make money. 

While there are various ways of making money with the platform, we would be dividing these opportunities into three major categories.

1. Making Money Through WhatsApp Status

2. Making Money With WhatsApp Business

3. Making Money By Creating WhatsApp Stickers

1. Making Money Through WhatsApp Status

You’d be surprised just how much time people spend on WhatsApp, simply viewing other people’s WhatsApp status.

Not chatting, not spending time on a voice or video call, but just viewing status. This simple fact offers a number of opportunities, and a number of users have been able to take advantage of these opportunities and make quite a good amount of money off them. 

Below are a few ways of making money off your WhatsApp Status:

Start a WhatsApp TV

Basically, a WhatsApp TV is any WhatsApp account that uses its WhatsApp status to entertain or inform other WhatsApp users.

While essentially every WhatsApp user does this to some extent, WhatsApp TVs make it their job, posting regularly to keep their contacts constantly entertained, and by doing so, constantly checking their status. 

How to Make Money Through WhatsApp TV

Just as it is with traditional TV stations, the money doesn’t come from the viewer, at least not directly. Instead, it comes from advertisements. WhatsApp TVs get requests from businesses looking to place adverts, trying to get their products or services to their target audience right at the comfort of their WhatsApp accounts. This is where all the money comes from. 

Since WhatsApp is a free platform, this is a great way to make money by simply dedicating some time and effort to doing something you. Practically everyone else already does regularly ─ updating your WhatsApp Status and posting memes! This is not to say that this is a task that requires no work, though. 

What You’d Need to Run a WhatsApp TV

To create a WhatsApp TV, you’d need the following:

1. A good smartphone (with large storage to save all the memes and videos you’d need to post).

2. Enough data or access to wifi. You’d be doing a lot of posting, so you’d need a lot of data.

3. A large contact list. You need a lot of WhatsApp users on your contact list. This is how businesses and individuals looking to advertise on WhatsApp TV choose what TV they’d advertise. Don’t have a huge contact list? Don’t worry, you can build a contact list for your WhatsApp.

The more users you have, the more people view your status. The more people view your status, the more valuable your WhatsApp TV becomes.

4. Consistency. This is what would really set you apart. If you are unable to hold the attention of your viewers consistently, then chances are, they’d stop viewing your status.

Affiliate Marketing on WhatsApp

Another great way to make money through WhatsApp Statuses is to leverage your connections by helping link buyers and sellers. Chances are someone somewhere is looking for buyers to purchase their products. Chances are one or more of the individuals on your WhatsApp is interested in that product. 

Your work here is to be the link between that buyer and the sellers on your contact list. The best way to do this is by posting pictures (or plain text) of the products (or services) on your status. Interested WhatsApp users on your contact list get in touch with you and connect them to the seller. 

How to Make Money Doing Affiliate Marketing on WhatsApp

Making money here is dependent on your agreement with the sellers. Usually, it works on a commission basis; you get a certain percentage on every buyer you bring. Other times, the agreement lets you decide the price of the product, and all you’d have to do is pay the client an agreed-upon price while the rest comes to you.

What You’d Need for WhatsApp Affiliate Marketing

To earn through Affiliate Marketing on WhatsApp, you’d need the following:

1. A good smartphone

2. A number of sellers. This is where the products and services you would be posting on your status come from.

3. A large contact list. As with owning a WhatsApp TV, you want to have a huge number contact list so as to increase the number of potential buyers who’d view your status.

4. Time. You’d need a lot of this. A lot of viewers would want to find out more about the products and services on your status. They’d have questions, and you’d be the one they turn to.

1. Making Money With WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is another way for WhatsApp users to make money on the platform. In fact, WhatsApp Business itself is a platform created by WhatsApp for that specific purpose ─ to help businesses make money using WhatsApp. 

Just like your regular WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business is an instant messaging platform. Unlike your regular WhatsApp, though, WA Business is heavily focused on the business end of things, providing you with a number of features unavailable to regular WhatsApp users, features which, quite frankly, are a great help to business owners. 

These features include a catalogue that lets you display your deliverables and also serve as a portfolio, a business profile that lets your contacts know exactly what it is you do, several messaging features that help you respond to potential customers even when you are unavailable, and the option of advertising on Facebook as well as linking your WA Business to your Facebook and Instagram account.

How to Make Money with WhatsApp Business

Making money with WhatsApp Business is one of the easiest ways to make money on WhatsApp. This is because, with the WhatsApp business, you wouldn’t be doing anything you aren’t already doing. You’d just have an additional tool to help you out. 

Let’s assume you are a web designer. Well, you set up your WhatsApp Business to include your business name and description of what you do. Then update your catalogue to display some of your old work. By simply doing this, anyone who messages you or even simply views your WhatsApp would see your business and also your past work. This alone would provide you with much publicity for everyone on your contact list. 

Once people on your contact list know you are offering a service or the other and are impressed by your previous work, you can be sure they will be contacting you when they need your service. 

You could also share the link to your WhatsApp Business (yes, WhatsApp Business accounts have a sharable link) on other social media accounts and other platforms to increase your publicity. You could also tell your loved ones and others on your contact list to do the same as well. This way, you can get more work and more money by extension.

3. Making Money From WhatsApp Stickers

See all those WhatsApp stickers you see around? The ones you love? The ones you love to hate? Ever thought about where they came from? Well, they came from people like you and me. And yes, as you already guessed, these people get paid for their stickers. 

How to Make Money From WhatsApp Stickers

The idea behind making money from WhatsApp stickers is a rather simple one ─ create new stickers and then sell them. There are actually a number of ways to do this, though the most popular is to sell your sticker to any platform that buys WhatsApp stickers. Some of these platforms pay per sticker, while others pay every time someone uses your WhatsApp sticker.

While this might not be a lot of money, it can still fetch you a decent sum of money, especially when you consider you wouldn’t really be doing too much work.


WhatsApp doesn’t have to be just another app that is consuming all your time without doing anything in return for you. Turn it into a way to earn some money online. There are many ways to actually earn from it, most of which include either using the app itself, the status feature or using stickers. Below are a few of the ways you can earn with WhatsApp:

1. Start a WhatsApp TV or Engage in Affiliate Marketing

2. Use WhatsApp Business to boost your existing business

3. Sell WhatsApp stickers

All of these are legitimate ways of making money on WhatsApp, and all they require is a good phone, data connections, and commitment. 

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