5 Solid Tips on How To Make Money on Wattpad

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Have you been looking for possible ways to make some money on the internet? Are you perhaps a lover of story writing? Do you want to know how to make money on Wattpad? Well, who wouldn’t?

Wattpad is a platform that allows authors to publish and share their stories- be it fiction or nonfiction- to a global audience. The site receives approximately 150 million page visits every month, ranking it among the top 500 websites throughout the globe. If you’re a fiction or nonfiction writer, you may earn money on Wattpad.

To begin writing and making money on Wattpad, you need to create an account like you would on any other social networking platform. 

As soon as you select “Create a new story,” you’re ready to start creating content. Keep in mind that “Content” is the foundation of any social networking site that pays money for content. The more stories you create on Wattpad, the more money you can earn.

In this article, I will give you 5 tips on how to make money on Wattpad, so keep reading.

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How Much Can You Make From Wattpad?

Authors on Wattpad don’t usually get paid.

Writing on the app is great, but most successful authors get money through Kindle or other publishing companies! As a result, publishing your work on Wattpad is well worth your effort since it may serve as a springboard to further success in the business.

However, it all depends on how much money you want to earn.

The sooner you give up on being a billionaire Wattpad writer, the better.

Wattpad does not often give the same prospects for success as other platforms as Kindle does.

But if money isn’t what drives you and you’d rather have a readership, Wattpad could be for you.

Wattpad is an excellent platform for developing an online community and connecting with like-minded individuals.

It’s also a great way to gain feedback on your work before you devote too much time or money to publishing elsewhere!

5 Ways To Make Money On Wattpad

After doing some research, I have made a list of ways writers can make money on Wattpad.

1. How To Make Money on Wattpad via Wattpad Coins

This is a brand-new feature on the platform. Wattpad’s front page has many stories tagged with a golden star, indicating that they are paid.

So, when a renowned writer publishes a story, they make it exclusively accessible to individuals who wish to pay to read the book. Readers must purchase coins from Wattpad and then pay the author directly.

Whether they are works of fiction or nonfiction, short books allow the author to earn some money. So you can support the author while reading awesome content.

So you can support the author while reading wonderful content

2. How To Make Money on Wattpad via Affiliate Marketing

There are many ways to start making money through affiliate marketing, but don’t make it your main source of income.

Affiliate marketing is when you include a link you obtained from any affiliate network organization and make a sale.

Your narrative on Wattpad should be the focus of the link you provide. Suppose you discuss any product or book or anything relevant. In that case, you might add your affiliate link and earn a commission when someone purchases from your link.

3. Wattpad Stars

Wattpad star is a Wattpad initiative through which you may get access to various opportunities by being a Wattpad star. To become a Wattpad star, you must fill up and submit a form. The following are a few potential benefits of being a Wattpad star:

It’s possible to meet other top authors and become a part of Wattpad’s expanding community.

Your efforts will be acknowledged on and off-platform.

You will receive access to diverse resources and tools accessible to Wattpad authors.

You may be eligible for the Wattpad paid stories program, Brand sponsorship, and the chance to pitch your work to Wattpad partners who may help you become a published author.

If you’re new to Wattpad, getting into the star program might be a challenge. Some of the conditions for eligibility:

At the very least, you must have a published fiction of at least 50,000 words.

You’ve published at least one story in the last 365 days.

It has been at least three months since you’ve contributed to an existing tale.

Your Wattpad account has to have been used in the past 60 days.

Joining the Wattpad star program might let you monetize your Wattpad fiction or nonfiction work. Also, keep in mind that Wattpad will reactivate your account and track your use.

4. How To Make Money on Wattpad via Brand Partnership

The best thing that could happen to you after becoming a Wattpad star is a brand partnership. It’s possible to meet brands when you become a Wattpad star. Partnerships with well-known brands pay well, but they’re hard to come by.

5. Buy Me a Coffee

You can earn money with this on Wattpad, although this is more of a side hustle.

You may post a link to the “Buy me a coffee” page in your profile so that your fans can donate $5 to encourage you to continue in your efforts.

Many writers have done this in the past, but now a new platform called “Patreon” is doing this.

With Patreon, you have the opportunity to make money in a steady stream while also rewarding your most devoted fans. 

This is only achievable if you do something for free, have a large audience, are consistent, and are working to establish your brand. This might help you gain more paid readers. Many YouTubers are making thousands of dollars each week by doing this.


It isn’t easy to make money online, but it’s possible if you’re dedicated, persistent, and open to learning new skills. The Internet is quite delicate; you might be up today and down tomorrow, so it’s always good to play safe and try to maintain your consistency.

While some of the methods mentioned in this guide are more passive than others, it’s always a good idea to have a backup strategy in place.

Use this post as a guide for navigating and leveraging your Wattpad success, and you’ll be able to maximize the platform’s potential!

Writing on Wattpad might also help you uncover your true potential and help you make money; however, you must remain diligent, and you’ll definitely see results.

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