How To Make Money On TikTok By Watching Videos: 3 Simple Steps that Work

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Are you looking for an extra means of online income? Do you wish to know how to make money on TikTok by watching videos?

Even though it may seem like the ideal scheme, making money on TikTok by watching videos is actually possible.

TikTok has joined the trend of social networks providing tools for its members to make money on their sites.

In many regions of the globe, the high cost of living is quite high. This motivates individuals to search for methods to create an extra means of income to add to their pay and so be able to fulfil their fundamental demands.

Many have reached their target by utilizing social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to earn cash, but how do they do it?

It’s all about making and sharing digital content and then monetizing it via subscriptions to the platforms and apps they use to share it with a wider audience.

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What is TikTok?

TikTok is a well-known social networking platform that lets users make, view, and share 15-second mobile videos. The app is quite famous for its addictive qualities and engagement due to its tailored feeds of amusing short videos paired with music and sound effects.

Anyone, be it a newbie or a seasoned expert, may spice up their videos with effects like filters, music, and stickers, as well as work together on content and make split-screen duet videos even when apart from one another.

TikTok compensates you based on the number of times your videos are seen. Hence, they need to be high-quality and entertaining to attract loyal fans who will watch your content and help you make TIK TOK money.

To start, download and install the TIK TOK App on your Android device. Then, sign up for a new account and start making money!

Remember that there is a lot of competition, so don’t become discouraged and stay consistent and creative.

How To Make Money On TikTok By Watching Videos

TikTok has introduced a brand new feature called TikTok Bonus in certain countries. This feature allows you to get a link from the TikTok platform, and when someone downloads the app from your link, you get paid about € 1 for each person who downloads. This amount increases based on how often your referral uses TikTok.

Referrals earn you coins, which may be redeemed for real money on the site. You only have to visit your TikTok profile and click the coin symbol in the top left.

After clicking the icon, a panel shows how much money you’ve made by getting people to join the platform.

But aside from referrals, you can now make money on TikTok by watching videos. But how does this work?

If you want to make money by watching videos on TikTok, you may do so in the following steps:

1. Click the TikTok Bonus icon on your profile.

2. Click “Watch videos.”

3. Keep an eye out for videos tagged with TikTok Bonus coins as the bar fills up.

You should be aware that only videos designated with the TikTok Bonus icon will earn you money.

To get paid for watching the videos, you must watch them all the way through. You will see your coins balance a few minutes after you watch them.

As a reward, you’ll earn “rubies,” a digital currency that can be exchanged for real cash through PayPal. Different countries have different TikTok taxes and prizes depending on where you live.

As indicated before, TikTok compensates you with a digital currency that you may trade for actual money. However, how much is each coin worth? And how much money do you get for each video you make?

The coins that TikTok gives you for watching videos vary based on the time you spend on the activity. For instance, you’ll get 100 coins for watching about five minutes of video.

How you withdraw will be dependent on your location. In some countries, you may use PayPal or mobile balance recharges to get your money. However, you can even use your bank account to withdraw your money in other countries.

Other Ways to Make Money on TikTok

Apart from watching videos, there are several other ways to make money on TikTok. Below are a few ideas.

1. Join the TikTok Creator Fund

Users who’ve established a considerable following may try making money via the TikTok Creator Fund.

Suppose you have a large following, good user involvement, and a regular posting schedule. In that case, the Creator Fund will pay you depending on your performance.

2. Go Live and Receive Virtual Gifts.

Content creators that want to earn money from their live streaming efforts may utilize TikTok’s live gifting option to their benefit. Livestreaming is a common feature on social media.

Still, TikTok goes one step further by allowing viewers to express their gratitude for the content creator in real-time by giving virtual gifts that can be redeemed for money.

3. Sell Products to Your Fans.

One of the best methods that you can use to make money from your content is to sell your items. Any creator⁠ can design and sell items to their most dedicated followers.

And with a large array of print-on-demand services, there are a ton of items to pick from. You may offer t-shirts, tote bags, pillow covers, caps, coffee mugs, stickers, notebooks⁠⁠—or any combination of goods

4. Use The Tiktok Ads Manager to Create In-Feed Ads.

TikTok offers a ton of wonderful organic marketing options. Still, suppose you’re prepared to invest a bit in enhancing the reach of your content. In that case, you can explore building your in-feed advertising using the TikTok ads manager.

People who use the TikTok app see ads in their “For you” feeds. They play like any other TikTok video. With sponsored advertisements, you can make sure your videos reach viewers most interested in your products.

5. Collaborate With Tiktok Creators or Influencers

One of the most creative ways TikTok lets creators make money is via its creator marketplace. Connecting the right brands with the appropriate influencers has never been easier than with the creative marketplace.

Brands wishing to launch an influencer campaign can explore the marketplace and swiftly shuffle through content made by creators they can be confident are willing to cooperate with brands.

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