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How To Make Money On Redbubble In 2023 (Easy Guide for Beginners)

Do you want to know how to make money on Redbubble?

Making money online can be quite exciting. However, many money-making options are quite costly to start.

Fortunately, suppose you’re searching for a creative, low-risk strategy to establish a new income stream for yourself. In that case, you have a plethora of alternatives without having to start from scratch.

When it comes to making money from your art and making it available to the general public, Redbubble is one of the most established print-on-demand marketplaces.

As you read this guide, you’ll find out exactly how to make money on Redbubble, as well as some helpful advice on how to maximize your profits!

How to Create a Redbubble Store

After deciding on a niche, creating a store is the next step to making money on Redbubble.

To create a Redbubble store, follow the following steps:

1. Get a Unique Domain Name

The first step is to select the sell art icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Redbubble’s Sign Up page will direct you to the domain name creation page. You may also join up using Facebook; however, the confirmation email will go to the same address.

2. Add a cover image and an avatar.

For your profile, you should choose an avatar and a cover photo. A great way to greet your customers and share your story simultaneously is to ensure your picture displays your sense of style and originality. A photo of your studio, a collage of your work, or a single piece of artwork may all be used as the cover picture. Don’t forget about your mobile customers. Use your phone to check how the cover image looks on the mobile page.

3. Enter your Payment Information.

To sell your work, you must first provide your payment information. Once you’ve entered your personal information and the currency you’d like to be paid in, click the “Complete Payment Details” button.

4. Post your Artwork on the Platform

After you’ve completed the initial setup of your account, the next step is to upload your work. Once you’ve clicked the “Add New Work” option, you can begin adding your designs to your store.

Uploading files is as simple as dragging and dropping them from your PC. PNG and JPEG files are both acceptable for uploading to Redbubble. You may also fill out the essential information regarding your job at this point.

5. Use Social Media to Promote Your Work

As a Redbubble user, you may promote your products on any social networking platform you wish. You may share your work on different social media platforms by using the Platform’s share button on every design page.  

6. Get to Know Your Clients

The thank-you features that show when consumers purchase from Redbubble are only one of many ways to engage with your customers. You can create a connection with your buyers by sending them personalized, pre-written notes.

How To Make Money On Redbubble And Be Successful

Here are a few tips and tricks to be successful on Redbubble:

Design Your Art With Different Products In Mind

When you’re designing fresh artwork for Redbubble, think about how the picture might look on a variety of different products.

Technically, you can submit your design to any product variety, but this isn’t always the best option.

If printed on a t-shirt, would the picture be visible? Is it too big to fit in a cosmetic bag?

When it comes to artwork, it’s always better to produce many variations of the same design for various purposes.

It has the potential to increase your sales significantly. Consumers like to acquire products that seem to have been made specifically for the function of the item they are acquiring.

In addition, when additional goods are released, more may be found on Google images, increasing the chances of increasing your Redbubble store’s visibility.

Finally, don’t be scared to offer less competitive items than those of your competitors.

SEO Is Important.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps consumers discover your Redbubble artwork when searching for items.

Artists that know how to phrase their work correctly will have an advantage over you if you don’t know how to use the proper phrases and keywords, even if your art is better than theirs

Search for art on Redbubble as if you’re a buyer. This will lead to a better understanding of what types of products sell well on Redbubble.

Then, browse through the first several results and pay close attention to the listings’ titles, tags, and summaries. See if you can achieve the same by examining their language and art.

You may also check search volumes for products using tools like Google Keyword Planner to get a sense of what consumers want.

Optimize Your Store

Spend some time on the design of your Redbubble store to increase sales.

Consider your most recent internet purchase. Most likely, the e-commerce site you were visiting looked great!

Your online store must be visually appealing and have a consistent theme and a logo—some kind of branding to be successful.

Organizing your items into collections on Redbubble is a terrific approach to entice customers to purchase your more expensive products.

Analyze Sales History

The key to generating money on Redbubble is to have a wide variety of products to choose from and to gather data so that you can see what works and what doesn’t.

To learn more about what people are looking for and what is selling on Redbubble, you may use the dashboard provided by the site.

Find out more about your product’s niche if you see that a handful of your goods generate the most sales.

Is the market saturated? Is there anything you came up with that’s now popular?

If your best-selling goods are performing well, strive to figure out what makes them so popular and do all you can to replicate that success.

Upload Art That Is Unique And Detailed.

Making art that anyone could make will help you rank in product searches; that’s the point.

Here, your creativity as an artist is critical. Be careful not to develop something that most people will enjoy, like popular characters, common animals, etc. Strive for originality and uniqueness, and you will notice an improvement in sales.