How To Make Keyboard Bigger On iPhone: 2 Easy Ways

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Even though the iPhone’s built-in keyboard may meet most people’s basic requirements, it still lacks a few essential functionalities. The option to adapt the keyboard to fit different hand sizes is a vital but lacking feature.

The software-based keyboard on the iPhone has largely remained the same size as the screen for the last many years. This implies that some iPhone users may find the keypad on particular models to be too small for their liking.

As a result, it is possible to adjust the keyboard on your iPhone so that it is larger or smaller than before.

The iPhone keyboard may be made larger in a few ways if it applies to you. We’ll cover them all in this article.

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The Keyboard on the iPhone

Back in 2007, the iPhone’s keypad was one of the most groundbreaking features of the smartphone. The reason for this is that it was the first mobile phone with a software-based touch screen keyboard that could be used without the need for a stylus.

Incredibly, despite the iPhone’s small screen and keyboard, fat fingers were able to properly strike the individual buttons, even with their large hands. When it was first released, it was a ground-breaking piece of computer science.

Since then, Apple’s keyboard on the iPhone has only grown better. You may now install third-party keyboards on the iPhone. 

Despite this, there are some users who find it difficult to decipher the symbols on the iPhone keyboard. To their credit, Apple’s iPhone does include a built-in feature that makes it easier to see the keys.

Can Keyboard Be Made Bigger on iPhone?

Yes, your keyboard can make your iPhone keyboard bigger or smaller. Many that have had this question running through their mind will find this piece invaluable. Using the native iPhone keyboard, the chances of mistakingly hitting other keys are high. Below are a few ways to make your iPhone keyboard bigger and avoid some clumsiness.

How to make keyboard bigger on iPhone

Enlarging your iPhone’s keypad is possible in a variety of ways. One way is to change the iPhone’s display settings, and the other is to use a keyboard application.

1. Activate Display Zoom

While you can’t enlarge the keyboard on your iPhone, you can use the Display Zoom function to enlarge anything on the screen, including the keyboard. Listed below are the steps you take to activate the feature.

– Go to Display & Brightness in Settings on your iPhone.

– Tap on the View button in the Display Zoom section. Turn on Zoomed mode by tapping on the Set button at the upper right.

All elements, including text, icons, and the keyboard, will be larger than previously once your iPhone restarts with the new zoom setting. 

2. Using a Third-Party App

You may also use a different keyboard application to expand the size of your iPhone’s keyboard. On the App Store, there are several third-party keyboard applications with larger keys.

App to make keyboard bigger on iPhone

Third-party keyboards are now supported on iOS. Adding various kinds of third-party keyboards to the iPhone is now possible. These keyboards can provide a wealth of new features for your iPhone. Grammarly, Microsoft’s SwiftKey, and Google’s Gboard are among the most popular third-party keyboards.

What to Look for in an iOS Keyboard App

New keyboard options are a great way to customize your phone, and keyboard applications can be fun to explore.

Every app lets you configure a wide range of settings, ranging from the most basic to the most elaborate. However, since everyone approaches things in their own unique manner, these are the most critical factors to bear in mind when getting a third-party keyboard:

Text Options

Gesture and voice typing are supported by good keyboard software so that you may type with ease, speed, and accuracy. Predictive text and text correction features should be available, as should the ability to add or delete terms from your own personal dictionary.


What sets them apart is that they provide a wide range of customization options for every aspect of their design, from themes to keyboard layouts.

All the finest iOS keyboard applications include a variety of layouts and sizes to choose from, as well as features like haptic feedback, GIFs, and the ability to add a number row to the layout. Try out a few different options to discover the one that works best for you, and don’t be afraid to be creative.

GIF & Emojis

The ability to use emojis and GIFs is just as crucial as the ability to type quickly and accurately, but it’s also a pleasure to find new emojis and GIFs, and show them off to your friends.

Instead of forcing you to look for or download emoji, stickers, GIFs and other fun extras, a good iPhone keyboard software prioritizes simple access to GIFs, emojis, stickers and other fun extras.


Passwords, usernames, credit card numbers, and even your personal dictionary may all be accessed by keyboards. To avoid this risk, look for keyboards that ensure privacy and save everything locally instead of storing it on the cloud or some other place.

In-App Purchases

Some third-party keyboards include premium features and subscriptions that you might need to pay to access. However, there are many keyboards that are free to use.

When browsing for keyboard applications, avoid those that demand a membership or a payment, since it’s unnecessary to pay for.

Below are some recommended third-party apps you can use.


Using ReBoard (Free, with in-app purchases), you can release your inner artist by customizing almost everything including themes, keyboard layouts and fonts, allowing you to express your creativity. ReBoard includes a massive library of animated stickers plus the most recent emojis, as well as an emoji search option and intelligent emoji predictions.

ReBoard also offers a plethora of customization choices for your keyboard, such as changing the size and colour, implementing a one-handed typing layout, and allowing you to move the mouse around the space bar. A calculator, your calendar, DropBox, YouTube, Slack, Google Drive, OneDrive, and news are just a few of the 27 built-in mini-apps.


In the end, mistakes happen, and Typewise may be a good resource for those who are concerned about making them more often than others.

Typewise is free with in-app purchases.  This alternate keyboard layout, which includes bigger keys and is said to result in 80% fewer mistakes, encourages users to switch from the “standard” keyboard layout.

Swiping up on a letter to capitalize it, or left or right to remove it or restore it, are examples of motions used in the app. Using this keyboard, you can text in over 40 different languages while keeping your data safe and out of the cloud.


Nobody wants to be known as a grammatical sleuth. If this describes you, Grammarly may be useful for you. Grammarly is also free with in-app purchases.

It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you’d expect from this sort of tool, but it does a good job of helping you write quicker, improve your writing’s strength and accuracy, and learn from your mistakes so you don’t make them again.

For whatever you type while using the keyboard, you’ll have complete privacy thanks to the keyboard’s assurance of safe encryption. 


One of the most amazing features of Microsoft SwiftKey is its extensive language compatibility. With this app, you may text in up to five languages at once without having to make any adjustments.

If you’ve got friends and relatives all across the world, this keyboard can enable you to communicate with them all at the same time. Autocorrection and text prediction are two of the many features of the AI-powered dictionary.

Don’t worry, there is plenty of GIFs, emojis, and stickers for those times when you just want to go wild. Swiftkey is also free with in-app purchases.


Simple and uncomplicated, Google’s Gboard (Free), focuses on functions rather than flashy design. It uses machine learning to provide outstanding text prediction and has multilingual support, so you can type in other languages with ease.

The dictionary and autocorrect recommendations in your browser will recognize this and switch to the appropriate mode automatically when you use them. Additionally, it may be used for voice and gliding typing, as well.

In addition to the many GIFs and emojis available, Gboard offers a wide range of customization choices, including the ability to change the haptic feedback, sound effects, keyboard layout, and theme options.

You may use one of your own photographs or choose from a limited selection of themes that include muted hues, landscape photos, and gradients. The information you enter into Gboard is likewise secure since it only saves data locally on your device.


Perhaps you are one of those who love using emojis but need something more personal, Bitmoji (Free) may be the answer. 

The application allows you to design a cartoon version of yourself. Your avatar’s emotions, clothing, and accessories are all under your control, as well as its facial characteristics, hair colour, and skin tone. In addition to conventional texting, the app allows you to design your Bitmoji stickers and share them with your loved ones.

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