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Ultimate Snapchat Score Hack: How To Increase Your Snap Score

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Snapchat is a fun social networking platform to be on. Most people who use this platform are online every day because it is fun to use. If you’re one of these people who use the platform all the time, then you probably have a pretty high Snapchat score.

But what exactly is this so-called Snapchat score Snapchat, and how can you increase it fast?

 You’ve probably noticed that the top left or left corner of your Snapchat profile page has a score attached.

A lot of individuals don’t realize what the significance of these numbers is. However, it is common knowledge that the more frequently they send snaps, the more the scores increase.

Sending snaps is an easy way to raise your score, but what’s the true purpose, and how do you increase Snapchat’s score fast?

There are Snapchat users with tens of thousands of scores; how did they do it? 

For those who think getting a high score is impossible, don’t fret; there are at least a number of strategies to speed up the process.

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What Exactly is a Snapchat Score?

What do you think of the number next to your username, and how does it continues increasing?

According to Snapchat’s website, your Snapchat score is based on the number of Snaps you’ve sent and received, as well as the stories you’ve uploaded.

Your app activity level is reflected in this metric. To see your Snapchat score, swipe down on the camera screen. The figure will be next to your name.

To check the difference between the number of snaps you sent and the number of snaps you received, tap the Snapchat score only once. Sending and receiving snaps will earn you points on Snapchat.

A point is awarded for sending a Snap and another for opening one, but no points will be awarded for just exchanging messages on Snapchat.

You also get a point if you post a Snap on your story. As a result, your Snapchat score doesn’t rise when you see a story.

It may take some time for more points to show up on your Snapchat score, or they may appear all at once.

If you haven’t used Snapchat in a while, your first Snap will earn you six points. By clicking the three blue lines in the upper left corner of your screen after selecting a friend to communicate with, you can check their Snapchat scores. Next to their username will be an indicator of how well they did.

If you have a high Snapchat score, it helps your profile gain some level of credibility and demonstrates to the world just how good your snapping skills are.

What’s the Point of the Snapchat Score?

Is there a reason why you’d want to boost your Snapchat score? It’s simply a digit on a computer screen, nothing more. Right now, it’s meaningless. Like Reddit’s karma points, Snapchat’s score has no actual use. Some individuals, though, still place a high value on them.

Snapchat’s scoring system is quite similar to a video game. It’s a terrific method to keep track of your progress while keeping you interested, spicing things up a little in the app.

The best buddy emojis like the yellow heart and red heart shapes are only available if you’ve reached a Snap Streak with a single friend. Unfortunately, improving your score does not get you access to any special features. In the past, you could get Snapchat awards, but such is no longer offered.

Snapchat Score Hacks You Should Know

This question has an obvious and reasonable solution. You must be active on Snapchat on a regular basis and send Snaps to your contacts. They should also respond with their own Snaps in return.

1. Keep Sending More Snaps

While we don’t know the exact formula that determines your Snap Score, we can tell you that adding friends and sending Snaps to specific people will improve your overall Snap Score.

The easiest way to rapidly improve your score is to discover a few good friends who aim for the same thing. To improve your score, take pictures of them several times a day.

Snaps sent in group chats seem to have no effect on your score. Snaps should be sent to people, not groups. On the other hand, chat messages don’t seem to be affected by this. So, use Snaps instead of text messages.

2. Open Snaps on a Daily Basis

When you get a Snap from another user, ensure that you open and respond to the Snap.  Sending Snaps and receiving them will raise your overall score. So, regardless of the content sent to you, make it a habit to always check them every time.

3. Build Relationships

Building relationships on Snapchat may seem like a ridiculous approach to boosting your Snap Score; however, Snapchat is still a social networking platform, so it’s not completely absurd. On the other hand, making new friends may help you increase your Snap Score quickly.

Reddit is a social networking site with a page devoted to assisting Snapchat users in locating one another. Increasing your Snap Score by doing this may also help you connect with new and intriguing individuals!

You can also look for prominent Snapchat accounts on the internet and start following them. This will help you make more friends and raise your score.

How To Get A Higher Snap Score Without Spamming

Are you looking for how to increase Snapchat Snap score fast

You may want to quickly increase your Snapchat Score to surpass your friends’ scores; however, there is an easy technique to execute a Snapchat score. It will still take a lot of work to increase your Snapchat score, but this technique can get you there quicker.

Start by deleting Snapchat from your smartphone. This step is important if you don’t want Snapchat to discover you have another account on your device and block your account. Go into your phone’s Settings and choose the option to install apps from Unknown Sources. And then search for, download and install the Snapchat Plus Plus app.

You’ll be able to log in to Snapchat Plus Plus when the app is installed on your phone. You’ll be able to create groups. If you click on the “Group” button, you may put up a group of your favourite Snapchat influencers or celebrities. You can go ahead and put in as many as you’d like.

Snaps may now be sent to this group. It will send a snap to everyone in the group and award you one point for each person you send the Snap to. Even if you sent a snap to several recipients, you could only get one point on the original version of Snapchat.

For example, if you have a group with twenty individuals, and you send a snap to that group, you will get twenty points for that one Snap. Take advantage of this strategy numerous times to watch how quickly your Snapchat score grows or how many high-scoring snaps you’ve sent out. This is how to increase your Snapchat score without spamming.

To quickly improve your Snapchat score, you can always do it the old-fashioned way: just use Snapchat more often. Being more active on Snapchat can help you build a following and, ultimately, get you influencer status.

You may earn money by selling advertising space on Snapchat as an influencer. This method has its advantages, and you should consider trying it out.


As we’ve previously discussed, anyone may quickly increase their Snapchat score by the tried-and-true method of being active on Snapchat. Most users haven’t employed “hacks” or third-party apps to boost their Snapchat score quickly.

In fact, they’ve just been incredibly active on Snapchat, which has boosted their score significantly. Posting your story numerous times a day and interacting with your Snapchat friends regularly can boost your score faster than you would expect.

If you send only 25 snaps a day, which is a modest number for many power users, your weekly score will rise by 175 points. With the same snaps, you may really get twice as many views if you’re sending them to many individuals.  A little patience is all that is required to see your score rise swiftly this way!

In addition, it’s possible for anybody to become an influencer if they remain engaged and provide consistently high-quality content.

Furthermore, there are several ways to make money from your Snapchat account, including working with companies and brands that want to promote and sell their goods via the service. As a result, boosting your score or becoming a regular user on the platform can actually pay you over time!

See? It’s incredibly easy to improve your Snapchat score. To get the most out of your Snapchat score, you may use the hacking option provided by AppValley, but we strongly encourage you just use the app more.

This is particularly true if your goal is to build a following and influence others in the future. Work hard, and you’ll nearly always reap the benefits!

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