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How to Get Someone Off Your Best Friends List on Snapchat in 3 Ways

In our world today, many Instant messaging apps help us connect with one another. But our focus today is on one of the most widely used apps that allow users to send photos, videos, and text messages to one another – Snapchat.

Snapchat is an excellent option if you want to stay connected with your friends and family. 

Through it, friends may stay in contact with one another. There are the “Best Friends” at the top of the app. This is a list of your contacts listed in the Send To function, which helps you easily connect with your friends. 

What does the Snapchat term “Best Friends” mean? Is it visible to those who you’ve added as friends? Also, how can you remove someone from your Snapchat “Best Friends” list?

Snapchat, for whatever reason, does not allow users to delete their best friends or snap streaks.

Hence, in this article, I’ve prepared everything you need to know about how to remove someone from your best friends list without unadding them.

What Is Snapchat’s “Best Friend” Feature All about?

Snapchat’s “Best Friends” list records the persons or individuals you often contact. When you’re ready to send a new Snap, those people will be above your primary friends list. 

Who are your Best Friends, according to Snapchat? And how does it determine who “Best Friends” are?

The amount of Snaps exchanged by each person after joining is reflected in their Snap Score, which you may have noticed. Individual chats you have with friends also get a similar grading. A person’s friendship level rises in direct proportion to the amount of time spent conversing with them.

Snapchat uses these ratings to create a list of your best friends based on the number of times you communicate with each of them.

Snapchat automatically adds someone to your “best friends” list if you send them a lot of snaps or spend a lot of time talking with them on the app. Because they’re on your list of closest friends, emojis may have been displayed next to their names in the chat area.

It’s a good idea to give them snaps if you communicate with them regularly and spend most of your time doing so through text messaging. If you have been friends for a long time, Snapchat will display a ‘best friend’ emoji next to your friend’s name. The emojis you see depend on how long you have known each other.

However, even though you regularly keep in contact with them, you might not always want them to become your best friend. So what can you do in this situation? How can you remove them from your best friends list? And How can you make someone your Snapchat best friend?

How Can You Make a Person a Snapchat Best Friend

It’s impossible to select who appears on your best friend list since Snapchat creates it for you, but you can influence who appears on it by sending those individuals more snaps and urging them to give you more snaps in return as well. Snapchat will reevaluate your engagement patterns if you do this for at least a few days.

If you want a bigger status like BFF, you’ll have to be more diligent and interact with your friend for a much longer period, and it might take months. In addition, you will get a snap streak emoji next to the name of your best friend if you keep snapping them daily.

You may have up to eight “best friends” on Snapchat at a time, according to the app’s help page, which includes those you engage with the most in groups. Because the list of best friends is updated regularly, finding the people with whom you want to engage the most is not difficult.

The best friends list should appear at the top of the Send To page before sending a snap. This makes it a lot easier to locate the people you engage with the most and save you time by not going through your whole friends’ list.

How to Get Someone Off Your Best Friends List

Keep in mind that only you have access to your list of your Best Friends. You can delete a friend from Snapchat’s Best Friends List using any of the methods below:

1. Remove Friend

2. Block

3. Hide Best Friend

The first option is to remove that person. Perhaps you don’t want to remember some past relationships every time they open their platform, which is understandable.

Click on the Bitmoji of the person don’t wish to see again, then swipe to the Chat option to the left of your camera interface. There is a vertical ellipsis next to your screen. You can click on it to remove a friend or block them.

‘Remove Friend’ is a short-term solution: You can undo it, and the person will still be able to contact you. A more long-lasting solution would be to block them. Blocking friends on Snapchat would completely delete them from the list of “Best Friends” and entirely from the app. As a result, they may think you’ve deleted them or even stopped them from seeing your Snap Score, which might lead to misunderstandings.

The third approach doesn’t feel very appropriate; however, this might be the only way to remove someone without completely blocking them. It involves taking advantage of Snapchat’s algorithm.

So how does it work?  For the individual you don’t want to remove, you need to send fewer Snaps and Chats. You have to make someone else a priority.

The amount of time your “Best Friend” emoji stays is mostly determined by your number of connections and how frequently you communicate with them.

Suppose you don’t know many people. Then sending them a Snap could make them your Best Friend immediately. Having many Best Friends is a given when you are well-connected and have several Snapstreaks running.

This third option makes it difficult to identify your best friends.

A friend or family member may often check your phone and want to know those you’re in regular contact with. You need to beef up your security, but you don’t want to shut someone out of your phone entirely.

Your “Best Friends” will always show on your Send To screen; hence, you can’t hide them. However, this is not a problem for the Chat screen.

You may change the emoji associated with your Best Friends to disguise their identities.

Click the cog symbol in the upper-right corner of your profile to make changes. Users of iOS devices can navigate to Manage > Friend Emojis and then choose the setting you wish to change. Among them are the terms “Super BFF,” “BFF,” “Besties,” and “BFs,”. As long as there aren’t any duplicates, you may replace the emoji with whatever you like.

Android users may access the Customize Emojis option by tapping on the cog icon and then Customize Emojis.

How Long Does it Take to Get Someone Off Your Best Friends List?

It takes Snapchat around 10-15 days to delete someone from your list of best friends after you stop interacting with them. Also, how often you connect with their story or snaps is a factor that could affect how long it would take until you stop seeing them on the Best Friends list.

If Someone is Your Best Friend On Snapchat, Are You Theirs?

There’s no guarantee that just because someone is your best friend, you’re also their best friend. But you can tell based on the emoji.

Emojis with hearts is a positive indication. The Red, Double Pink, and Gold Hearts signify that you’re each other’s Best Friend.  The Smile emoji suggests the contact is one of your Best Friends, but not number one.

Ultimately, you don’t need to be concerned about this. You may continue to send them Snaps and Chats as long as you love doing so and they appreciate it. No matter how many individuals they may be able to talk to on Snapchat at any one time, it doesn’t matter.

Is it Possible For Other Snapchat Users to See Your List of Best Friends?

To keep your Snapchat account private, you may want to learn how to conceal your best friends. But don’t worry, your friends won’t be visible to anybody else on the app.

Best Friends lists used to be visible to non-members. The good news is that Snapchat decided to remove this feature from its platform in 2015.

The best friends of other Snapchat users were visible in the app’s earlier versions. This can no longer be done in the most recent updates of the app.

You and your best friends are the only ones who can see each other.  Nobody will know who your most frequent emoji exchange partners are, but if you see an emoji that indicates you’re not a close friend of someone else, you could start to wonder who’s replacing you on their list of friends.

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