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How To Create An Instagram Content Calendar: 10 Practical and Easy Tips

Today, it’s not uncommon to see people learning how to create an Instagram content calendar. Instagram is undoubtedly one of the leading social networks and an important tool for social media marketing.

An Instagram content calendar may help you make the most of Instagram as a marketing tool. Brand recognition, a following, a devoted fan base, and a sense of anticipation for your product or service may all be achieved via social media marketing.

You’ll need to post regularly if you want to be successful at all of these things.  

If you have the capacity and motivation to publish every single day, excellent – do it! But if you can only publish on your feed three times each week, then stay committed to that.

Just the same way that starting an online business requires a plan, you can plan your Instagram posts by making an Instagram content calendar. This lets you post more often. Bulk-planning your posts allows you to make the most of your time while still active on Instagram.

The Importance Of Creating An Instagram Content Calendar

If you want to feel more in charge and ready for your time on Instagram, you should make a content calendar. It allows you to arrange your content to suit your theme. You can avoid rushing to create great content on the fly if you use an Instagram content calendar.

It also saves you time and enables you to reap the benefits of the ease of automated posting. Furthermore, you may schedule your social media posts in advance using scheduling applications.  

Additionally, you will post when your audience is most responsive using one of these. Maybe your followers are most active around 5:00 Pm, but you don’t want to have to go into your Instagram account at that time to post. If you use an Instagram content planner and schedule it in advance, that can be fixed.

Everyone makes errors, but typos in a brand’s social media messages are particularly annoying. Creating an Instagram content calendar allows you to go back and double-check all of your posts to ensure they are complete and correct.

Finally, having a content calendar for Instagram keeps you regularly publishing, no matter what “regularly” means to you, whether daily, weekly, or fortnightly.

Tips on How To Create An Instagram Content Calendar

Here are a few simple tips that will teach you how to create an Instagram content calendar.

1. Create Your Caption Upfront

It isn’t always easy to be creative and come up with a catchy caption. A humorous caption may bring you considerably greater user engagement rates. Therefore you should take the time to make it high-quality. Include a call to action or a question in your description to engage users and urge them to respond. 

2. Plan Your Postings 2-4 Weeks Ahead Of Time.

You will concentrate on more strategic goals if you schedule posts ahead of time. This means you won’t have to keep coming up with ideas for content at the last minute anymore. Scheduling will also help you see the broad picture — physically and metaphorically. 

3. Collaborate

Unless you are part of a team of social media experts or moderators, this suggestion is probably useless to you on your own. You’ll save time and make your processes more transparent if you work together on a single, interactive calendar that you can all use together.

4. In The First Comment On The Post, Include Your Hashtags.

Using hashtags on Instagram is proven to bring your content to the attention of new audiences. Sometimes, it can help you reach a whole new level. One crucial point to remember here is to include your hashtags in a comment after publishing your article. 

Why? Because it just looks far better, and your target audience can concentrate more on your actual caption. Plus, more comments imply more IG engagement, and Instagram loves that. This approach will, in no way, affect the performance of your hashtags. Remember that you may not exceed the limit of 30 hashtags. To avoid being detected by the dreaded “Instagram radar,” I recommend not posting more than 28 hashtags.

5. Audit Your Content

This is the most critical stage for you before constructing your Instagram content calendar. You want to examine your existing content for your audience and see how it performs on the app.

While Instagram’s built-in analytics is a good place to start, you’ll want to use Sprout Social or Hootsuite for more detailed reporting. These tools will help you evaluate impressions, reach, engagement, and other metrics. You’ll also want to examine your hashtags and descriptions to ensure you’re using clear language.

6. Establish Your Goals

Make sure you know which content your audience likes and which they don’t before you start making your Instagram calendar. You can also specify a time frame for how much you wish to grow your Instagram.

7. Perform A Follower Audit

You need to verify that the people following you are genuine. Having roughly 10 percent of your followers as fake, can distort your analytics and drive down your engagement rate. You may then wonder why nobody views your Instagram stories when you have many followers.

While you could browse your followers to identify which profiles are genuine and which aren’t, it might take longer. You can use tools to do that instead. Tools such as and Social Audit Pro can help you figure out how many people aren’t real, and they can help you find and remove them.

8. Assess Your Engagement

Keeping tabs on your Instagram engagement rate is essential. This is why you want to do an Instagram audit. You want to look at how your brand engages with other people on the site.  By connecting with others, you may frequently boost your engagement.

9. Evaluate Your Profile

Yes, this is vital. Whenever someone new comes to your page, they’ll look at your profile before deciding whether to follow you.  Keep your profile photo, user name, title, and Instagram bio updated. The more coherent your profile is, the more appealing it will be to people who want to follow you.

10. Monitor the Time When You Post

Do you post at the appropriate times?  Believe it or not, the time you post on Instagram may hugely influence its performance rate.

This can also be recorded in your Instagram content planner. There will likely be recommended times in your scheduling tool. Still, it’s important to be aware of your audience’s habits as well.