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How to Check Ecobank Account Balance Online and Offline (2023)

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How to Check Ecobank Account Balance: This post will help you to discover how to check your Ecobank account balance using Mobile App, USSD Code, ATM, and Online banking. This guide simplifies the process with step-by-step instructions and FAQs

Keeping track of your account balance has never been this effortless. Whether you’re on the move, at home, or near an ATM, Ecobank offers multiple ways to check your account balance. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through four user-friendly methods: using the mobile app, harnessing the power of USSD codes, visiting an ATM, and exploring online banking. Let’s dive in and explore each method in detail.

How to Check Ecobank Account Balance Online

In this section, we will cover how you can check your account balance using the Ecobank Mobile Application and through the online banking platform. These methods need you to be connected to the internet before you can make use of them.

How to Check Ecobank Account Balance Using Mobile App

If you’re a fan of smartphone convenience, the Ecobank Mobile App is your gateway to managing your finances. This app brings banking to your fingertips and empowers you to check your account balance on the go. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Download and Install the Ecobank Mobile App

In this digital age, apps have become our everyday companions, and banking is no exception. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Visit your device’s app store, whether it’s the Google Play Store for Android users or the App Store for iOS enthusiasts.
  2. Search for the official Ecobank Mobile App using the search bar.
  3. Once you locate the app, click the “Install” button to download it to your device.
  4. Once the installation is complete, open the app.

Step 2: Log In or Register

Now that you have the app installed, let’s get you set up:

  1. If you’re an existing Ecobank Mobile App user, simply log in using your registered username and password.
  2. If you’re a new user, click on the “Register” or “Sign Up” option to initiate the registration process.
  3. Follow the prompts on your screen to provide the necessary account and personal details.

Step 3: Navigate to Account Balance

Once you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll find yourself on the app’s home screen. Here’s where you’ll find your account balance:

  1. Look for the “Accounts” or “Balance Inquiry” section on the home screen. Please note that the wording may vary depending on the version of the app you’re using.

Step 4: View Your Balance

You’re almost there! Now it’s time to reveal your account balance:

  1. Click on “Account Balance” within the designated section.
  2. Ta-da! Your current Ecobank account balance will be displayed prominently on your screen.

How to Check Ecobank Account Balance Using Online Banking

If you prefer to handle your finances from the comfort of your home or office, Ecobank’s online banking platform is your virtual gateway to account management. Here’s how to use it to check your account balance:

Step 1: Visit Ecobank Online Banking

  1. To begin, open your preferred web browser, whether it’s Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or another browser of your choice.
  2. In the address bar, type in the official Ecobank website address:

Step 2: Log In

  1. Once you’re on the Ecobank homepage, locate the “Log In” or “Online Banking” section.
  2. Enter your online banking username and password to access your account.

Step 3: Access Account Information

  1. After successfully logging in, you’ll be directed to your personalized online banking dashboard.
  2. Within the dashboard, look for the “Accounts” or “Balance Inquiry” section, which typically houses the account balance feature.

Step 4: View Your Balance

  1. Click on the “Account Balance” option to access your current Ecobank account balance.
  2. Your account balance will be prominently displayed on the screen, offering you a clear and up-to-date overview of your financial standing.

How to Check Ecobank Account Balance Offline

This section explains how you can check your account balance using an Ecobank ATM or through the Ecobank USSD code. These methods do not require you to be connected to the internet before you can use them.

How to Check Ecobank Account Balance Via USSD Code

USSD codes are like secret shortcuts that grant you instant access to essential banking services directly from your phone, without needing an internet connection. Let’s see how you can use USSD codes to check your Ecobank account balance:

Step 1: Dial *326*0# on Your Phone

  1. Unlock your phone by entering your PIN or using your biometric authentication.
  2. Open the dialer on your phone and type in the USSD code *326*0#. You have to do this with the phone number that is registered to your account.
  3. Press the call button to initiate the USSD code command.

Step 2: Enter Your Secret PIN

  1. The USSD menu will prompt you to enter your secret PIN for account access.
  2. Carefully follow the on-screen instructions to input your PIN securely.

Step 3: Receive SMS with Your Balance

  1. After successfully entering your PIN, you’ll receive an SMS notification on your phone.
  2. This SMS will display your Ecobank account balance, providing you with instant financial insight.

How to Check Ecobank Account Balance Using an ATM

Ecobank ATMs are like trusty financial advisors available to you 24/7. They provide a reliable source of account information and facilitate various financial transactions. Here’s how to check your account balance using an Ecobank ATM:

Step 1: Locate an Ecobank ATM

  1. Before you embark on your ATM adventure, use the Ecobank ATM Locator tool available on the Ecobank website. Alternatively, rely on your knowledge of nearby ATMs.
  2. Once you’ve pinpointed an Ecobank ATM location, head over to it.

Step 2: Insert Your Card and Enter PIN

  1. At the ATM location, carefully insert your Ecobank debit card into the ATM’s card slot.
  2. Enter your confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN) using the ATM keypad.

Step 3: Choose Balance Inquiry

  1. The ATM screen will present you with various menu options. Use the ATM keypad to navigate and select the “Balance Inquiry” or “Check Balance” option.

Step 4: View Your Balance

  1. In a matter of seconds, the ATM screen will display your Ecobank account balance, providing you with an immediate visual snapshot of your financial status.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is there a fee for using these methods to check my account balance? No, Ecobank provides these services free of charge. However, there is a flat rate of 6.98 Naira charged by network providers for each transaction done through USSD.
  2. Can I check my balance in foreign currency? Yes, if you have a multi-currency account, you can view your balance in various currencies.
  3. Can I check multiple accounts using these methods? Yes, you can check the balances of all your Ecobank accounts linked to your profile.
  4. How often can I check my balance using these methods? You can check your balance as frequently as needed, within daily transaction limits.
  5. Is it safe to use these methods? Yes, Ecobank employs advanced security measures to safeguard your account information.
  6. What if I forget my online banking password? You can reset it through the password recovery process on the Ecobank website.
  7. Can I use these methods internationally? Yes, you can use them while abroad, as long as you have an active internet connection or access to an Ecobank ATM.
  8. Do these methods work for joint accounts? Yes, you can use these methods to check the balance of joint accounts, provided your phone number is linked to the account.
  9. Can I check my account balance using someone else’s phone? No, your phone number must be linked to your Ecobank account for the USSD code method to work.
  10. Are there any daily limits for using these methods? Yes, certain methods, like ATMs and USSD codes, may have daily transaction limits for security. Check with Ecobank for specifics.


Congratulations! You’ve now mastered the art of checking your Ecobank account balance through various methods, including the mobile app, USSD codes, ATMs, and online banking. By following our step-by-step instructions and referring to the FAQs, you can confidently access your account balance whenever and wherever you need. Ecobank’s commitment to simplicity and convenience empowers you to stay financially informed and make wise decisions about your finances. Enjoy the ease of managing your account balance with Ecobank’s versatile banking solutions. With these tools at your disposal, you’re well on your way to achieving financial peace of mind.

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