Guide to Writing Irresistible Evergreen Blog Posts

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Evergreen blog posts refer to blog posts that can stay fresh and relevant for a considerably long time. It may come in the form of video content, articles, and more. With evergreen content, you will get to enjoy a lot of traffic to your blog for the foreseeable future. The consistently high traffic can be attributed to the fact that evergreen content is relevant content and will benefit your link-building strategy.

However, the “fun” does not stop there when it comes to evergreen content! It also contributes massively toward higher rankings on the Search Engine Results Pages. Blog posts covering topics such as “How to lose belly fat,” “10 ways of maintaining a great physique,” etc., generally get a lot of traffic because the topic fully resonates with many people. The best content marketing strategy revolves around constantly coming up with evergreen content essential to maintaining a large number of readers.

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Best practices to observe when creating evergreen blog posts?

1. The content you post should be aligned with your area of expertise or your business.

While creating content relevant to your readers is recommended, always remember to focus on an area you have a strong interest. For example, if your expertise is in pet care, there is no point in posting blog content related to fashion trends. Some of the topics that can drive traffic to your blog include “How to help my cat in heat” or “Why does my dog muzzle punch.”

Creating high-quality and relevant content around your area of specialization helps to give you more credibility. You can portray your industry knowledge effortlessly and easily win over more readers.

2. The best evergreen content is continuously updated.

No matter how relevant or frequently searched evergreen content is, it still needs constant updating. If you wish your blog content to get more organic traffic, this is a must-do. Updating your content also goes a long way toward boosting the ranking of your page on the search engine results pages.

3. Use SEO and content marketing tools to get the best content and keyword ideas.

Armed with general ideas about the type of content you wish to write about, you can apply the best content marketing tools available in the market to get the best keywords and topics. One of the most popular tools is the Ahrefs Content Explorer. Here, typing in a phrase related to the topic you wish to write about will give you many possible issues you can cover on your blog.

The Ahrefs Content Explorer displays the topics your competitors may be talking about most, how much traffic your selected topic may generate, the number of backlinks you may get, etc. Essentially, the tool effectively highlights how popular your topic idea is. You can also use the SEMrush Top Pages tool, it is very effective at “spying” on your competitors and can show you the type of evergreen content they post. The tool allows you to establish which particular pages of your rivals drive the most traffic. Here, you can then come up with better versions of the content they post on these pages.

While search volume is essential for establishing how popular your chosen keyword is, the search trend is even more critical. You can use Google trends to see whether your desired keyword has been searched for consistently over the past few months or years. If this happens, then it means the idea you have for your keyword is viable.

BuzzSumo is another tool you can use to establish the demand for the topic(s) you wish to write about. If it has been searched for consistently over a long time, you can go for it!

5. Involve the “right” people in your content creation process

To create the best, evergreen content, you need to integrate the opinion and expertise of people like social media influencers. Alternatively, you can also simply capitalize on your contacts and those you have a close relationship with who have a decent social media following.

These people come in handy in sharing your content widely. On condition your content is high-quality, and evergreen, social media influencers and your close contacts on social media can help make it more visible. They will still share it no matter how much time has passed from the moment it was posted.

The most common forms of evergreen blog posts and content you can create include:

1. “How to” guides and tutorials work great

The content in tutorials and guides is usually researched extensively. Therefore, they provide users with rich information regarding whatever they need to find out. Guides and tutorials are detailed and longer than the average blog post. Readers find the content posted in these guides and tutorials valuable because it addresses most of their concerns.

2. Video content

Videos provide a great way of story-telling, and brands especially find them helpful in boosting their reputation. Video content is beneficial in helping your readers understand how to use your products. It has a longer-lasting impact on your audience and is a better alternative than written content or blog articles.

3. Case studies

Case studies will resonate well with many of your readers because they use real-life examples. In addition, they incorporate a story-telling technique that is highly effective. Case studies are the best forms of evergreen content because they will portray you as an expert covering the area. The result is that your readers can connect with you better. It is because your case studies can help them visualize the experience that their peers had.


Observing the best practices we have shared above will help you create the best evergreen content for your blog. In addition, creatively coming up with evergreen content in the form of “How to” guides, case studies, listicles, etc., will allow your content to always remain fresh, relevant, and valuable for longer. If you are a newbie starting a new blog, writing evergreen posts will help you remain relevant for a long time, and learning to write blog posts fast is an additional added advantage.

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