Realme 8 Pro Price in Nigeria and Specs

Realme 8 Pro Price in Nigeria

The Realme 8 Pro price in Nigeria is NGN 120000. This was the flagship smartphone from Xiaomi in 2021. It’s packed with features and offers excellent performance at an affordable price, making it one of the best smartphones. Design and Display The design of the phone is sleek and stylish. The screen size is 6.4 … Read more

iPhone 11 Price in Nigeria and Specs

iPhone 11 Price in Nigeria

The Apple iPhone 11 Price in Nigeria is NGN 310000 on average. This smartphone was a great addition to Apple’s best-selling phones, and it brought a ton of new features! With a 6.1 -inch screen and 4K video recording, it’s got everything you need to take great photos and videos. And with improved battery life, … Read more

How To Make Keyboard Bigger On iPhone: 2 Easy Ways

How to make keyboard bigger on iphone

Even though the iPhone’s built-in keyboard may meet most people’s basic requirements, it still lacks a few essential functionalities. The option to adapt the keyboard to fit different hand sizes is a vital but lacking feature. The software-based keyboard on the iPhone has largely remained the same size as the screen for the last many … Read more

The 7 Ultimate iPhone Camera Hacks No One Will Tell You

iPhone Camera Hacks

When it comes to photography, the iPhone can produce stunning results, but as always, knowing your tool and all its features is essential. Of course, you already know how to take pictures with your iPhone, but there are a bunch of often-overlooked features that may help you create better, more artistic, or just more enjoyable shots. These iPhone … Read more

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