10+ Best Crypto Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2022
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10+ Best Crypto Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2022

Best Crypto Twitter Accounts

We can all agree that Twitter has been one of the most influential places to get trending crypto news. It probably only comes second to news websites. You can check out my other blog post on the best crypto news websites. With that in mind, we will list the best crypto Twitter accounts that you need to follow in 2022.

1. Elon Musk

Link: https://Twitter.com/elonmusk

Why follow Elon Musk? Besides being the wealthiest man on the planet, Elon is also an avid crypto investor. After tweeting about Doge Coin, its prices went through the roof. Apart from that, he also adopted bitcoins in his Tesla company, a plus for the market.

2. Scott Melker

Link: https://Twitter.com/scottmelker

Why follow Scott Melker? Scott is quite successful in cryptocurrency trading. That makes his cryptocurrency Twitter account a goldmine for any avid trader. More importantly, he also has a website known as wolfofallstreets.io. Scott was named 2020’s Binance’s top North American influencer back in 2020.

3. NebraskanGooner

Link: https://Twitter.com/nebraskangooner

Why follow NebraskanGooner? NebraskanGooner is an experienced trader and the co-founder of Elevate Trading, an online platform where people can learn about digital asset trading. The cryptocurrency Twitter account is worth checking out.

4. The Crypto Dog

Link: https://Twitter.com/TheCryptoDog

Why follow TheCryptoDog? TheCryptoDog has proven to be a force with a following, especially in the bitcoin market. The cryptocurrency Twitter account barely focuses on altcoins but has insightful information on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

5. BTC_JackSparrow

Link: https://Twitter.com/BTC_JackSparrow

Why follow BTC_JackSparrow? The cryptocurrency Twitter account is a self-proclaimed pirate with intuitive price actions of the bitcoin crypto. The BTC_JackSparrow is one of the best crypto accounts to follow in 2022, especially if you are a bitcoin trader.

6. Rager

Link: https://Twitter.com/Rager

Why follow Rager? Josh keeps his follower updated with some of the significant bitcoin moves in the market, giving rare but beneficial tips on the market. If you are a crypto trader, Rager is your best bet to make a fortune.

7. Crypto_birb

Link: https://Twitter.com/crypto_birb

Why follow Crypto_birb? Crypto_birb is a certified technical analyst CMT II and the founder of thebirbnest.com, where you can get personalized strategies to skyrocket your portfolio. That said, this Twitter account contains reliable information that you can use to trade in the crypto market.