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8 Best Highest Paying Ad Networks For Bloggers

highest paying ad networks for bloggers

So you’ve recently invested in a good niche blog site and are wondering what the best highest-paying ad networks for bloggers are to start making your money back.

Ad networks can help you fill your ad inventory and optimize your CPMs (the amount of profit you earn for every 1000 visitors). That is if you don’t want to depend only on selling advertisements directly to companies for revenue.

There are lots of networks eager to assist you in your endeavor. And in this article, I’ve compiled a list of the best solutions for bloggers and publishers.

It is possible to monetize your content using any of these companies. Some use traditional display advertising, while others may let you include contextual advertising links, provide sponsored content suggestions, and more.

Let’s discuss the 8 best highest-paying ad networks for bloggers without further ado.

8 Best Highest Paying Ad Networks For Bloggers

1. Google Adsense

If you’re looking for an advertising network, Adsense is a great place to begin. Using Adsense, you have a wide range of choices to ensure that Google’s adverts remain consistent with your brand identity.

Adsense provides a CPM, or cost per mille, model, which implies that this model is dependent on the number of impressions a single ad receives, which is why this model is so popular.

Adsense has a minimum monthly payment of $100. To get your payment, you must earn $100 before the end of the month. Earnings below $100 will be carried over to the next month, and you will be paid when you reach that amount.

2. Ezoic

As far as blogging ad networks go, I think Ezoic is among the finest. Ezoic has no traffic requirements, which is a huge plus. In other words, it’s possible to approve even a new blog!

With their “creator first” strategy, they make sure that you are delighted with the rewards of their service.

The good news is that utilizing Ezoic has a completely free plan. The only requirement is that all blogs and websites must have a little ad at the bottom of their pages.

The ad network Ezoic is quite popular, even though they don’t call themselves an ad network outrightly. Ezoic is an AI technology platform that allows creators to do more than only generate cash by placing advertisements and paying publishers for advertising.

They also hold exciting growth challenges and put in extra effort to ensure their customers get the most out of the platform. They have some useful techy speed-enhancing capabilities that eliminate the need for any third-party caching tool or plugins.

As a long-term partner, Ezoic will assist you in strategically displaying adverts on your website.

3. Amazon Associates

This is Amazon’s most popular affiliate program.

There are two methods of using Amazon Associates: one is to manually include product links in your content, and the other utilizes the Amazon-specific contextual advertising tool called Native Shopping Ads.

It is possible to show relevant Amazon products using Native Shopping Ads on your site. If someone clicks on one of these goods, you’ll be paid a commission.

If they don’t check out, you don’t receive any money. However, the advantage is that you may earn commissions on extra things consumers add to their carts after clicking from your site and not just the one in the ad.

It just takes $10 to be paid via Amazon Associates, making it one of the most lucrative affiliate programs. Amazon Associates’ standards and guidelines might be more stringent than those of other ad networks, so be sure to read them carefully.

4. Monumetric